Day 96 - Yuzu's Last Full Day

Dat House...
July 13th, 2015

I wake up to find Yuzu making “pumpkin” soup on the stove. I’m trying this new nutrition approach that was suggested in the 4h body consisting of low Glycemic index foods and meat primarily. I can’t really follow it exactly right now, but it’s encouraging me to get more vegetables and meat, and less white carbs. That’s generally what we’ve been told for years anyway, so.. no time like the present. Breakfast: pumpkin soup and a can of beans.

We both leave my place for similar destinations: she’s going to her share house, and I’m going to the gym, which is a stones throw away. Apparently, she had a deposit given at the beginning, which is normal. The catch for this place is that when you move out, they review your room and subtract fees depending on the state of the place. 

I work out, shower, meet my new Taiwanese housemate, Sandra, and head back over to her apartment. Yuzu wanted to go see a landmark one last time, but was bogged down with dealing with the landlord.

I have a habit of riding statues
Get this utter bullshit: her room was missing a few spoons and a couple bowls - so he claimed. Get a figure in your head as to the maximum you think that could cost*. He also claimed that her bed needs to be professionally cleaned. In the contract, it says if you stain the bed, it will cost $60 - but the bed is unsoiled. Goddamn swindling landlord. Laurens relates with him and thinks he’s a good guy, claiming that the landlord only keeps their deposits when the rooms are actually bad. Yuzu is hard working, very cleaning, and takes care of things. There’s no way she deserves this. If you don’t speak English that well, or are timid, people will totally take advantage in Northbridge in particular. She’s been screwed over by a number of things all in a short time frame this past week and it’s making my blood boil. I almost exploded/tried to persuade the landlord, but she insisted I shouldn’t. It’s not normally something I would do, honestly, but I need to get comfortable with confrontation, and what better cause would there be?

We go to see if we can cash out the cheque at the bank. I encouraged this partially because that means he won’t be able to cancel it if I decide to go to battle with him, and because I want to buy us both coffee while we’re waiting for her friends to return from groceries.

Heading down the winding path
German Julia, Marcel, Estonian Sanders, two Finnish guys, Yuzu, and I leave from their share house and begin our trip to.. the Blue House… We jump on the BlueCAT, transfer to the RedCAT, and walk through kings park. During this, I learn that German Marcel is here to practice his English, which is already great. I’m wired on caffeine and he’s able to understand me at that rate. He says he can listen better than he can speak, and that’s his trick. Julia, I find out, really wants to be a medical doctor. She had graduated high school and decided to go abroad for a while. Admirable.

Untouched Sky

Diving Woman Statue
The group descends this winding stone stairway down to the highway that runs along Swan River. Past Old Swan Brewery, past the diving woman statue, we arrive at… The Blue House. I didn’t know what it was until we arrived, but it’s a very nice photo op. We arrive just in time for sunset - perfect. I take my pictures, and start talking with this girl who has a really cool, 2D backpack. Turns out she’s from Vancouver and is visiting for a week after graduating high school to see her friend. Sweet as.

We jump on the bus, lose a few people along the way. I tell a man on the bus that he has a very nice moustache, and apologize for interrupting him. I had sat there thinking it for a while, but didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure if it was rude. My conclusion was that it’s never rude to give a genuine compliment. Hop off at Taka. Julia, Sanders, Yuzu and I enjoy some fine 'Japanese' cuisine. Back on the BlueCAT, and off at Yuzu’s former share house. I meet a business-dressed Brit named Eric, who seems like a cool guy. I add him on Facebook, and we sloooowly depart as Yuzu says goodbye to everyone.

Back at my place, I fry up some of dat meat and meet Bobo, Sandra’s Japanese friend and roommate. It’s funny to watch them speak to each other, Bobo and Sandra, because they seem like they’re just flexing their English muscles. Yuzu jokingly insults me, so I showed her the semi-chewed food in my mouth. “You are not a fish, close your mouth.” We had a good time while the new two shared a rather large bottle of sparkling rosé together. They excuse themselves and go to bed.

Julia in front of The Blue House
Yuzu and I stay awake, and work on our separate projects while listening to music, basking in the collective warmth.** She makes as many bracelets as she can as gifts, and I work on my blog and accidentally spark a political debate on Facebook. What an amazing time we live in that I can argue with people across the planet about things that are happening outside where we all are! THE FUTURE!

*: $100 for CUTLERY! What a two-bit, thieving piece of living garbage!!
**: It's the term for hanging out in the same room while doing individual activities. It seems like you're not actually being social, but think about it: reading a book in a room alone feels different from reading a book in a room with someone else who is doing their own thing. You're enjoying being together, but don't actually need to speak. My Dad used to shake his head at me and my friends doing this when they'd come over and we'd play separate video games. We would talk, of course, but here and there in spurts. It's something introverts do much more often than extroverts.
"Work it! You're a Baby Tiger!"

 Bonus Pics:

I almost mugged her for it.

...Is quite photogenic

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