Day 79 - Training Day

June 26th, 2015

I’m on the bus, about to get off the first one and walk to the second. My phone rings; it's Greg, the firm owner. Ah, I’m late. Second day of training, and I’m late because I misread the time. Whoops. No negative repercussions, luckily. We meet in the same office, talk a little bit more, then are released into the rest of the office with a horde of other employees. I meet South African/Aussie Matthew, who will be my trainer. He’s pretty cool, and we’re immediately pushed into a team-building exercise of building the tallest structure out of dry spaghetti and marshmallows. I immediately suggest a pyramid, and we get to work. The pyramid might have been influenced partially by the fact that I know triangles are very strong, but also because the most recent/last story by Lovecraft is about a Magician exploring Egypt. We got second place, as it had largely collapsed after we had lost time due to a little greed.
The Fountain!

Lunch with a number of coworkers at a place down the street where Matt bought me lunch. Sweet as! We drive out into the field with Russian Natasha (5’ tall), Matt, and Korean/Aussie Casey. The neighbourhood we got was quite nice, and I was paired with Matt for the first half until Lunch. We shot the shit in between the houses, talking with the odd person who was home.

Our break took us to Woolworths, where I found whatever pre-made food was on sale, and some fruit. But wait, where’s Casey? He had followed me to the washroom, but never entered it. We looked for him, called him (phone off) and had to leave him there. With daylight wasting, we had to get going. Remember: no payment without results.

After lunch, I was paired with Nat. Their styles differ quite a bit. Matt speaks quickly and is very light and funny, while Nat speaks much slower and is a lot more solemn about it. It’s interesting to watch both of them, but I’m aware of most of the theory, having studied that area of Psych quite a lot. No more observation or reading will get me these skills, just practice, which doesn’t begin until Monday.

Ding Dong
We drive back after dark, Nat showing me how to fill out the forms we have. It's all straightforward. The office is having pizza and pints. We arrive back around 7:15, eat, and chat. I excuse myself because I’m meeting with Russian Elina one last time before she is off to explore Europe.

I was tired at this point. A nap, the gym.. both things I had to skip in order to fit everything in. I guess my exercise was walking for several hours, but who counts that? Elina is pretty quiet, leaving me to have to monologue and entertain. She is the audience to my mad ravings from beyond the fatigue fog. You know how you get kind of loopy after a certain point of being tired? I was wandering around in that, which makes free association and strange ideas even easier to come up with than usual.

Rock Garden I liked
We moved to a cafe, Dome, and she was even quieter because I had imitated her accent. Didn’t mean to make her self conscious about it, but apparently it's a sore spot. I honestly don’t care about accents at this point. At least, I don’t see them as a negative - still a mild positive.

I walk her to the car park (parking lot) and say goodnight, heading home to relax and pass out early. Early for me is 1am.

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