Day 95 - Spider Vomit

I actually thought to take a picture this time.
July 12th, 2015

Game Day - possibly the last one! I know, I know, you’re totally crying because of it. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.

Since my sleep schedule is more normalized, I have time to fit the gym in before the pickup time, and stop at Tran’s on my way home. I read “The Go Giver” this week, which is definitely a worthwhile read. For some it may be intrinsically obvious, but for others it may be eye opening. It’s also a great compliment to the 4 hour work week, which can make you start thinking more about scammier approaches to business. Bad dog! Bad!

If this is my last go, I might as well bring more, better snacks than usual. Andy picks me up at the usual rendezvous point. I buy him lunch from Hungry Jack’s as thanks for driving me all those times, and because some food would be nice.

Giving you the energy
only Mother's possess
We arrive, only for me to find out I forgot to grab my character sheet. I throw together the best mockup of my character as I can, and recompose my spell list. Good enough. Where we last left off: we found out our boss put an un hit on us. What a dumby.

Some of us contracted some rather nasty diseases and need medical attention. Seeing nothing better to do, I disguise myself along with Sorcerer Ryan and head to the hospital in town. Our disguises are fantastic and no one can recognize us! Only that’s completely untrue; people begin to follow us on our way to the hospital. Four men wait out front while we go inside and wonder what to do. For some reason, the rest of the team, minus the fish, comes to join me in the waiting room.

Enter our now-former boss. He tells us that he was actually trying to just kill the fish friend of ours, and we were, y'know, collateral damage. He offers to give us 50 gold to forget about the whole thing. Stuff that. We draw our weapons and throw down.

Ex-boss casts this stupid rainbow spell that stuns me for 5 turns. After coming to, there are 4 hyenas on our side, and the boss is rabbiting. His beast master lackey (complete with two dogs), seeing this is a losing fight, throws up the white flag. I put our boss to sleep, Andrew ties him up, and we let the lackey go.

On our way back to the tavern, another crime boss comes across us, insisting on taking a 5% cut of our profits, as well as our hogtied hostage. Unhappily, we agree, lest he sic a hydra on us. Back at the tavern, the entire team is together once more.

We hear what sounds like a pig coming from one of the store rooms. Since we found a key ring to the place, Fish tries a key. It goes something like this. Immediately after, a giant war pig charges up the stairs and gores him. He’s not dead, but will be shortly if we aren't lucky.

Yuzu's Roomate's Poster
This time, I’m in it to win it: Sleep! Pig sleeps. Battle over. That... that actually worked? We heal our friend, hog tie the.. uh.. hog.. and go down into the basement. There’s a lot of excrement, probably from the pig, but we find a secret compartment under the uh.. brown stuff.

Ranger Ryan (Former fighter) and I descend this slippery ladder only to be stunned, again. We try to retreat, I slip off the ladder, forcing the rest of the team to join me down in the hidden cavern. There are these blob things on the ceiling that shoot lightning at us, and some lizard men called troglodytes. Initiate spider vomiting.

I vomit two giant swarms of spiders, which then proceed to climb all over and bite our enemies, poisoning and distracting them enough for us to take them out quickly. Feels good to not be a useless, cackling witch in the corner. Session over, but not entirely. We were going down there not just to explore, but because apparently our former employer had been giving most of the profits to some shadowy chick who lived down there. We schedule a way for me to be able to join one last time and finish this chapter. For that, I am grateful; I don’t expect many speech-based games to take place while I’m in China.

Andy gives me a ride home, and we talk about business ideas, the new business approach I’ve been thinking about, and the idea of the “victim mentality.” The Victim Mentality is the idea that everything happens to you, and not by you. It is the view that you are helpless for your situation and can do nothing to make it better. This takes away any responsibility for you current station, which is convenient for resigning yourself to it. It also gives away any power or ability you have to change it, which is the main snag. I’m not of the mind that everyone in bad situations are there because they don’t work hard, as this clearly isn’t the case. What I’m saying is that we shouldn't resign ourselves to it and making excuses for not even trying to improve it. Again, belief is more powerful than reality.

She graciously gave me wine as a thank you gift
He drops me off near Yuzu’s place, which works because she is moving out of her share house today. Her time in Perth is coming to a close, and is flying out on Tuesday evening - two days from now. After carrying her stuff back to my place, she passes out in one of the house’s abundant, empty beds. The landlord need not know about this, so long as we keep things clean, I figure.

The rest of the night is spent discussing ideas online and researching some of the more modern business approaches to online merchants. Things are getting exciting!

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