Day 74 - Revenge of the Witch

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June 21st, 2015

I wake up early because Sunday Gameday was moved ahead a week due to some nerdcon the following weekend. On the way to the train, I call my sister to catch up (remember that the bracket to talk is relatively small), discovering the train is cancelled due to rail construction. The call ends when the rail replacement bus arrives to transport precious little me to the desired location.

I’m running out of time, as I have to stop at home, gather my shit, level up my character, and make it to the arrange extraction point that Aussie Andrew had established. I’m currently reading Black Widow comics, which are much more interesting than expecte. Her and Hawkeye both don’t have super powers, which lead me to believe they’d be... boring. Exactly the opposite; the writing is better, possibly because they don’t have powers.

All the aforementioned tasks are completed, and I arrive on time at the meet point. For several years, I have been thinking about the difference between men and women, and trying to nail it down. Something that seems to elude so many, but I think I’ve had a breakthrough recently, which I discuss with Andy. I also tell him about the ridiculousness of last night, and inquire about how he got into his current profession of personal training.

We stop at Hungry Jacks (thank god) to get some food, as we are 15 minutes early. One of the other guys is late, we discover, buyng me time to level up my character. My luck seems to hold fairly consistently. Warning: Nerd Talk Ahead.

What soulful eyes
After leveling up, my character is actually useful! I can make people fall asleep once a day for free, which means they can be dispatched immediately; I can make a massive rolling ball of fire that I can walk around the field; I can even paralyze a person for a few rounds, again easily dispatched. Soon, I'll be able to fly to compliment my new abiliy to vomit spiders. Badass. Yessss… no more staring and laughing. We waste lots of time in town after stopping the thieves from making off with our loot. Sleep!

News arrives that there’s some shady meeting going on in the nearby swamp/dump, finally giving us something to investigate. We arrive an hour early. Our resident "giant Fishman" breaks a compartment in a dilapidated ship to make a hiding spot, releasing a 8 giant mosquito things
Such a clusterf*ck, they keep sapping our stats and slowly killing us, taking way ages to squash them, when it should take seconds.

We take our hiding places and wait for witness four Rogue Wererats arrive around a fire. We watch, but notice a fifth figure trying to sneak up on me and Andy. I fail to put him to sleep, but he notices the attempt. Watch out! A random Elf appears on the breast of the hill and yells a helpful warning, lending some arrows from afar. Some of us chose better hiding spots than others: two of our comrades were on the crows nest and had no way down but to jump and get massively hurt. Oops.

The caption was "Milk it"
This is actually from the 9th of July, which was when it appeared near my gym.
Electricity, Guns, me nearly dying in one turn, and forced sleep allow us to come out ahead, capturing their leader, letting one escape, and leaving the rest for the swamp critters. The captive had a note that said our employer is their ally, and that he sent us to this trap on purpose. What a dick.

The game ends with the Elf inviting us to his camp, and the players bickering as to which place we should inspect. Andrew thinks we should surprise our employer before the news is broken to him that we’re still alive, while I’m curious about this camp of elves.  Well, hopefully I can see how this ends before I leave Perth.

Andrew drives me home while we discuss our options, reaching no conclusion before I hop out. At home, Alex and Mannie are cooking. I sneak in and out of the kitchen, making, eating, and digesting some food in between informational videos and steam sale games. Off to the gym!

Some people have cool art on the walls of their yards
Today it’s pouring rain and the temperature dropped to the low teens. Well, I have to go, and I’ll write this off as a way to toughen up. Bright side: There’s hot water, again!

Upon returning from the gym, I overheard the couple fighting from their room. I ignored it for a bit, but ran into Mannie in the hallway on my way to the washroom. She said Alex was sleeping and confided in me the source of their troubles, asking for advice. What advice can one give other than ‘have an open and frank conversation with your partner’?

I worked into the night, stopping only when Shimou drunkenly called me.

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