Day 64 - Barometric Pressure and Freyo

That guy from ACDC
June 11th, 2015

Back at Shimou’s, she wants to use the ingredients bought the day before to make this chicken dish she hasn’t done before. After helping chop the vegetables, I leave her to the cooking while I check my e-mails. Apparently I had made it through the first round of interviews, and they wanted me to come in for a group interview tomorrow at 8:30am. Yeah. Let’s see if I can get a more preferable time. 

Remember: it’s 40 minutes away, I’d be dressed in formal attire, and very tired/sweaty. Let’s try for the afternoon. I call them up and say that I would love to meet for a second interview, but the problem is that I’m quite busy that day. Is there a way I could get there for the afternoon? I learn they have no other interviews that day. I say I could potentially move my schedule around, but ask what my options are. Ah, Monday at 4? Very good, see you then.

Little Creatures Restaurant/Brewery
We eat lunch, take a picture together from her kodak-like camera, and I head for the train. She will be leaving town in the near future, and won’t be back by the time I plan to leave. The atmospheric pressure is making my knee hurt and elbows hurt, but I push through it and hit the gym anyway. The weather doesn’t normally affect me this strongly, so maybe it’s the unique Aussie environment, or maybe 27 is when you get really old.

A Ferris Wheel for some reason
The clouds continue to loom as I venture to the train station, intending to catch one to Fremantle to meet up with Claire. We haven’t seen each other in quite some time, and she offered to show me around Freyo, from a local’s perspective. She takes me to Little Creatures, this interesting bar/restaurant/brewery that’s on the waterfront. We have a couple pints, and their supposedly well-known fries while the seagulls hang around like so many vultures. The topics of conversation fall on emotions, for some reason. I think they should be seen as suggestions, and indicators of the situation, but not overwhelming Gods that must be obeyed. The goal isn’t to be emotionless, but to not be dominated by them. Take them in kind, think about them, and move forward. Back to the stoicism: doing what is right, despite how you feel. Right action. Funny enough, this enables me to be more emotional because I am uncomfortable - another emotion - in emoting. 

Fremantle Prison
She shows me the Freyo Prison, and her cat before walking me to the bus station. The trains are down for the night, replaced with a bus that’ll take 50% longer than the train. My SmartRider is running down, and I’m wondering if I have enough to make it back. The driver tells me to figure it out in Perth, which means I’ll at least get to my destination. How much was left on my pass as I got off? $0.05. Yesssss, just made it.

Lovecraft guides me home. I think it's funny that I'm mostly wandering around town at night, by myself, listening to horror. I'm that weird kid.

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