Day 77 - Mustang & Tea

Thor, Relaxing at their sharehouse

June 24th, 2015

I am in Shimou’s house, dreading tomorrow. It will be the beginning of SALES. A concept that’s been introduced to me recently is the idea that we fear the emotions and feelings toward an event - more than the event itself. That holds especially true for now. Same for the club or anywhere that I will have to be very social. The more I do it, however, the more I trust that I’ll be able to handle it and things will be fine. Tomorrow will be no different, and no matter the embarrassments that might potentially happen, it’ll all probably be funny and temporary.

Shimou made a big lunch while Lee taught me a card game from China. He had mentioned it the night before, and he seemed to be proud that he had the English version of the game. It's a fun game! Shimou says it's stupid. She just sucks at it haha. We played, and I did well enough for my first time playing. I have earned more cred with their house as being “clever.”

Shimou outdid herself on the lunch. So good! I’ve already skipped a day at the gym and it’s time to get back to work. Dishes, Train, Home, Gym. Shower. I had called Yuzu on my way home to see what she was doing, as I haven’t seen or spoken to her in some time. She said she was working very hard, and that it wasn’t earning her much money. Shitty. I asked if she would be able to afford her ticket home, and she said maybe. Maybe!

Anyway, I went to her place to hang out around 8. She made us tea that she was allowed to take from the hotel that she cleaned, and set out some Tim tams. Those things are good, and I only came across them by accident at Tran’s Emporium. So many flavours! Why don’t we have those? I asked Yuzu if they had them in Japan, to which she responded "Of course!" She was very surprised that we didn't.

Croc from Yesterday
We talked about English, Japanese, and Mandarin. I told her what I knew, and asked about “Kah-ney dah-sey” to get a better feel for it. I’m still using it, but she said it’s sort of a... threat. This lead into me teaching her the phrase “or else” and its somewhat limited uses. Another of her housemates contributed to the conversation, but I can’t recall his name. Laurens arrived back from the gym and said he was planning on going to Mustang, which as the same for German Julia. We talked about how every Japanese person we’ve met has had very expressive faces, and exaggerated expressions. I asked Yuzu if this was true for people from Japan, which made me teach her the word “expressive.” She said no, and seemed surprised when we said that she was expressive. I took that as a “yes” about the Japanese people.

Fun Fact
A girl from Myanmar/Burma named Day, Julia, Laurens, and I went to the Mustang. Julia works there, which means we could skip the entire line! Eat it, suckers! I can’t help but smile because the place is packed and I have no idea what’s going to happen. I see these girls that hated me the first time I met them, but have run into me on multiple occasions since. I smile and wave, causing some confusion. She recognizes me, but can’t remember where from. “How do I know you?” I give a vague response and steer the conversation elsewhere. Familiarity breeds liking! What’s familiar is more attractive! Bounce.

I make my way back to our small group, and start dancing. I'm rapid-fire chatting up whoever is around me that gives me something immediate to say. My butt is now an introduction device: I start dancing it into random people and see what they do. In this case, which is common, the girl started fighting back with hers. Fair warning: my butt wins. My butt always wins.

I learn that the two girls are Dutch, pulling Thor into the conversation. The friend of the butt gladiator  learns from me that Dutchies are a type of donut in Canada. She didn’t know this, but admitted to being a donut. Sneaky bastards. The conversation somehow goes onto people being fake or real, prompting me to ask if her butt is real, as people sometimes get butt implants. She says she did have one done, and it was chocolate. A chocolate-filled dutchie (donut)… she could be onto something.

I act the fool  bit more, trying to get Julia to dance to the band, though she doesn’t like the music. Sweaty and feeling pretty good, I decide now would be the time to cut out. It was only an hour, but totally worth it. I want to be fresh for whatever tomorrow holds.

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