Day 85 - Active Rest Day

Lemon Heart
July 2nd, 2015

It’s the first Thursday of the month, which means… PRETENTIOUS COFFEE TASTING!!! HHHHHHUZZAAH!! This is also a perfect reason to take the day off and switch it to Saturday instead. At this point, I desperately need a mental break from this job before I snap. Ugh, being a 40-hour a week wage slave seems bad enough, but a 50-60 hour commission slave is so much worse.

Eat, Gym, blog - it’s slipping due to the lack of time, energy, and laptop. I’m really looking forward to this coffee tasting, especially since it’s been given another month to fester and infect me further with the noxious, psychic coffee fumes that I think they’ll be providing. It’s free, and I’ve never heard of something to do with coffee as pretentious as this. I mean, it’s like wine tastings, which are kind of absurd to me already, but with something as mundane as coffee. I want to capitalize on it, which is the main reason this is so important to me. Replicating is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. Love, from me to you, Aus.
Lee's Handiwork
Shimou cabs to my place, and insists that we cab the rest of the way because it’s raining. Upon arriving, we find out that the place is closed and that they had to reschedule their event because they were waiting for a shipment of beans to come in. Apparently they said this on their Facebook and twitter, neither of which are my first go-to's for company information. Instead, I tend to go to their actual website, supposing they have one. On their website there is no phone number, only an e-mail, which I had contacted to ask about the tasting. Why would you have the information on two sites that aren’t your business’s site, but not on the home site itself?! Bah!

Still, a day to recharge is quite nice. Across the street is a place with a sign claiming to have the best coffee in Perth*, and it opens in a half hour. We grocery shop at coles, which happens to take 25 minutes, resulting in us waiting in front of the store. I gave them an extra few minutes, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to reopen (Hours: 11-4, 5:30-11). Then, miraculously, the person shows up at 5:40pm to open the doors and start prepping. Another business fault. Why have posted times if you can’t follow them? Yes, I am totally perfect. I suppose me criticizing them at this point is like criticizing someone’s parenting - you can’t know if you’d do any better until you’ve gone through it yourself.

After dropping off the groceries at my place, Shimou and I head off in search of mythical black pants that will fit me. Target is on the way to her flat, so that is where we begin. Apparently all the men in Australia are the same height and differ only in their waist size. Seriously, they only had pants with 32” inseam, which was confirmed by the store clerk. I tried on a pair of skinny pants, which are.. so outside my normal dressing style (feels so odd to have something hugging my calves). I could get into it, grabbing that pair and a t-shirt ($7!). Turns out that they had normal pants, too. Credit to Shimou on finding them. After going through the process of returning and repurchasing the different type of pants for the same price, we head underground.

Catch the Perth Underground (which isn’t an entirely accurate name) to Shimou's, where I brought my laptop to dig into blog work. I’m determined to keep up the daily releases, and want to up it to two every-other day, but that probably won’t happen until I am done with this job. Wishful thinking for now.

Egg Aisle. Yes, Aisle.
I had told them that I would make pancakes, a delicacy they have only recently been introduced to and appear to love. I had bought frozen berries to put in the pancakes, as they had never had that. Again, I told them I’d do this, but got engulfed with the task of editing and scheduling posts that they either didn’t want to interrupt me. That, or they asked so timidly that I didn’t even notice. This is the second time it’s happened where they tried to say something to me, assuming I chose to ignore them rather than not actually hearing them at all. Sure, I can be a dick, but I’m not usually that much of a dick.

*: It was on par with everything else I’ve had… pretty near anywhere.

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