Day 68 - The Interview

Don't dance so fast
June15th, 2015

Today’s the day! Time to get back in the gym, as it’s been two days off and that’s the longest stretch in over a month (I think)! HIIT the gym, get all prettied up, straighten that tie, and bus across town for the interview.

From the research I could figure out, they’re a marketing firm and sales. I’ve chronically avoided sales, particularly if there is no base rate of pay. The entire ‘interview’ was 2 hours, though it was supposed to be an hour. A group interview, and two of the people there weren’t entirely fluent in English. This means that they probably aren’t as picky as they made themselves out to be, but hey, what other options do I have at the moment?

Some of Shimou's Delicous
The job is either B2B (business to business) or residential in-person sales. Door crashing.. wooh! Again, not the most appealing of jobs, but for everyone you sign up to donate gives me $100 in my pocket. To make it easier, we’re getting people to sign up to charity. Hm, well, this is a skill set I’d like to develop further and be able to show it on paper, so I might as well try. They say the average beginner gets about 2 sign-ups a day, which would be $1000/week. If I can hit even that, I’ll be damn happy because I have about a month left, and that’ll cover all of my costs up to this point, and give me some money to travel Australia. At this point, I haven’t seen much of the country, and it’s almost been a waste of a trip in some respects. What I did here could have been done in any major city, though I wouldn’t have experienced this particular culture nor seen this particular demographic of backpackers. Still, I should see some of the country before calling it quits.

A small soap duck
I don’t actually hear back about the job until tomorrow, and my Dad is getting on me for not having a job, suggesting we talk about me coming back home. That is not happening. Despite the philosophy I promote, it should be repeated that I, too, am constantly struggling with living up to these ideals. For example, I promoted consistency, and yet I can’t keep the blog updated regularly*.

Travel home, change, grab laptop, and meet up with Shimou for dinner. She has an exam tomorrow, so I am here catching up on the writing, interspersed with mini-adventures down into the Darkest Dungeon. Hooray for rewards!

*: So far so good for the past couple weeks, though! +5 points for me

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