Day 92-93 - Viva La Republica!

You had me at "Green Penguin"
July 9th-10th, 2015

These days were basically identical, so I’m simply going to group them together. Wake up, eat, gym, and obsess over “4 hour work week.” It’s been a long time since an idea has embedded itself so deeply in my mind that I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m constantly listening to Tim Ferriss stuff, brainstorming business ideas, and playing with whatever ways I think they could be done. I need to figure out the nuts and bolts, then go from there. Honestly, though, I doubt I could come up with anything actionable before I get slightly more settled.* 

For any of you wondering where the next leg of the trip is and when it starts, that would be the 22nd to Bali. There until the 27th, back to Perth for a couple weeks, then to Melbourne. This all hinges dangerously on the visa, but the plan is to go directly from Melbourne to Beijing around the 15th of August. Time flies!

I work again both days for training at Paella Republica, though Friday, the 10th, is a slightly longer, and higher paid shift because my “training” is over. Honestly, I probably could’ve done the job after the first day or second, but they insisted on a third for some reason. It seems like they might resent the other part time guy who was hired before me. He’s a really nice guy, but apparently he asks too many questions about stuff that should be obvious. I witnessed that once when he wouldn’t figure out how to put a grate back in the bottom of a fridge. I say “wouldn’t” because he made a very meek attempt, then defaulted to asking Nadja how to do it. She... wasn’t the most patient with him, which made me feel pity. I can understand both perspectives, though.

An outdoor skating rink full of
Australians who can skate better than me

Sure, why not.
(I walked through this event, but didn't stop)
The owner is a Palestinian guy, Ahmed, who has a Spanish background. His accent sounds more Spanish to me, and, to be honest, I’m really hoping I remembered his country of origin correctly, as people from that region tend to get..  let's say 'annoyed' when you say the wrong, neighbouring one. If you’ve ever seen Fred Armissen imitate a Spaniard (Portlandia**, anyone?), then you have an idea of the mannerisms of Ahmed. Very nice guy - Ahmed, not Fred. He doesn’t believe in gyms, opting more for open-air exercise and martial arts. He speaks softly and with an accent, so I have to strain to hear most of what he says.

The same goes for Nadja, the German woman who is doing most of the training. She’s pretty cool, in her late 20’s, and seemingly came to Australia on a whim. She escaped work from an accounting(?) firm where she was overworked and constantly stressed. I’ve been asking people what they’d do if they no longer had to worry about money; she says she would open a cafe, with this job being her first in this sort of industry. Taking steps towards the goal! Glad to see it!

Shenton Park Stop on the Fremantle Train Line
If you haven’t considered the above question, that’s essentially what they are asking when you’re presented with the question “what would you do if you had a million dollars/won the lottery?” A lot of people seem to misunderstand what I’m saying when I ask They go in-depth of how they’d handle the money, invest it, charity, buy gifts, blah blah. Yeah, great, but what do you do with your time?? After much redirection, my cotrainee said he would look for a job. I’m mildly disappointed, but hey, if that’s what he wants, who'm I to judge?

I throw the question to you: What would you do with your time? Comment away. Seriously, I’d love to hear it.

*No! Don't rationalize it away! Do everything you can right now!
**: Aaaaand another.

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