Day 60 - H. P. Love Crafter

Five Dollas, Fools
June 7th, 2015

Sunday! The cupboard is getting bare, and I need cheap vegetables! Time to hit up Subiaco market. I’m on the train there and realize I only have $5 in my pocket that I can spare. Well, time to either barter or shop until I find something cheap, cheap, cheap. I’m in luck: one stand has bags of various vegetables and a sign that says “all bags $1.” Sweet!

I return to the station promptly and catch the next train home, still using Alex’s SmartRider. I have H. P. Lovecraft’s collection of works on my phone in audiobook form to keep me company on my travels. For anyone that has to commute a lot, no matter the form, I highly recommend using audiobooks to keep you entertained. It’s like having an entertaining travel companion who is likely smart, and put years of effort into assembling this information in an easily digestible, engaging form. Shout out to Shae-lyn, audiobook buddies!

A pig playing rag time
After working a bit at home, I meet up with a friend, Russian Elina who I had met on my way to the train station a little while ago. We hang out and talk about Russia, her recent breakup, her impending 8 month Eurotrip, and various other off-the-wall topics. After a pleasant hang out, she dropped me off at my place, and I marathoned all the episodes of Adventure Time. So good.

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