Day 78 - Sales, Minions, and The Game

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June 25th, 2015

I'm lucky; the Blue and Red CATs are the only busses I have to take to get to the job, which means it’s all free and running quite frequently when I need it! Glad I’ve got the transit down because this place is a 40 minute walk away.

I arrive at 10 with an assortment of other people (11 in total), and a coffee order. Yes… free coffee. 10am is a late start for most people, but I’m very tired. I don’t remember the last time I got up before 11. Roll your eyes and judge me, Baby Boomers. I can take it.

From the bus home
The owner of the firm explained the company, the job, their mission, all that stuff. He then made us give a presentation in front of the new trainees and whoever was milling about the office that day. You can feel the salesman in the people around the office, but not in the slimy way. More in an encouraging, optimistic way. He’s trying to pump us up to believe we can do this job. I imagine there’s a problem with turnover around these parts, and making it seem easy will keep us around longer. I’m no longer scared of not making sales, as I see this as a form of social gym. Making money would be fantastic, but the structure, social friends, and game of talking to so many people will be reward in itself. Plus, I get to interact with a lot more Aussies, and get a feel for what the people are like here. Fingers crossed that this attitude withstands the reality.

Our group had to present on the breast cancer society, which is an easy sell. Emotional appeal, tell personal story about cancer, push for them to give because the goal of the society is to eliminate deaths from breast cancer by 2030. Short, sweet, to the point. I feel ours was the best, but maybe I’m just getting cocky.

The day ended at 1, releasing me to go home, gym, and nap. Basically, my day started only an hour after it normally would. Shimou wants to see minions, and suggested today. Cool, that’ll work if we go to an early show. The movie itself was alright, not really my thing, but decent. Lee, Denis, and Shimou really liked it, which might have to do with the fact that there is much less speaking than in most movies.

Cross-dressed Brazilian(?) Band
Ricardo is at The Game, which I said I would come to for a bit, jumping out of Lee’s car, giving them all a kiss goodbye on impulse. I march into The Gam. I can't find Ricardo anywhere and start chatting with a random Japanese woman in the meantime. I approach random people until I finally run into him. Again, I only stayed an hour, but met a handful of people, danced, and learned some tricks for Australia. Remember two things: 1) They can’t serve shots after midnight. 2) They can serve drinks on the rocks after midnight.

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