Day 63 - It's the Fuzz!

Perth Federal Police Station
June 10th, 2015

I skip the gym today to catch up on sleep. I arrive at Federal Police Station on time, documents in hand. Flustered and stressed, I wasn’t sure how to properly fill out the documents. Did I do it right? Was this going to get there in time? It remains a mystery.

Apparently, I needed a witness from a Canadian Passport holder who has known me for at least two years. Well, there’s some lost time, as this means I’ll have to mail it to my parents, then have them mail it the RCMP, adding another delay to the already limited time. Here’s hoping my luck holds.

It took me a half hour to figure the documents out, then another half hour at the post office, buying envelopes, tape, then having to re-buy envelopes because I had bought the wrong ones. They were very helpful, and bought back the envelopes I didn’t use!

Shimou's Hat
Finished, I remembered the interview I had received a call for the day before. I didn’t have time to get home, and, frankly, wasn’t overly enthused about it. I also didn’t know exactly what it was I was interviewing for, but I might as well give it a go.

Picture it: everyone is in a suit, or equally formal attire. I’m wearing a casual shirt, jeans, dirty shoes, and a full, untrimmed beard (neck included to a lesser degree). I don’t even know what they do, sell, or the position's title. The interview was the first round, and was a one-on-one conversation with a woman whose name escapes me. Try answering the question “Why do you want to work here?” and “What skills do you think would set you apart for the job?” when you don’t know exactly what to gear it toward. I figured I’d go general enough that it could apply to a lot of stuff, but specific enough that it sounded relevant. Guessing that it was a sales position, I emphasized managerial/leadership qualities, and people skills. I wasn’t feeling overly optimistic, but she said they’d call me the next day - if I was successful. Either way, I feel indifferent and start on my 40 min wander back home.

I’m supposed to meet with Shimou tonight, and she says she will be quizzing me. Good, but not feeling it. Check out for anyone trying to learn something that could be aided by flashcards. You can make them online pretty easily, and have them on your phone. I run through the mandarin greetings until I can vaguely remember them, though this is going to be an uphill battle.

Dat Sunset on my way home
I meet her at the grocery store, we shop until Lee picks us up. He drops us at a bar near their place, then took the groceries back to their place. She makes fun of me for being more upset over a guy than over Liz while we talk over a pint of cider. It’s not the fear of going alone that bothers me as much as the disappointment. I know I can survive, and I know things will probably work out if I work hard enough. It won’t be as I pictured it, but something will shape so long as I put in enough time and effort.

We walk back to her place, getting lost on the way thanks to one wrong turn. We almost scaled a barbed wire fence before I decided to consult the map, and saw that we didn’t need to do it. After the 20 minute walk became 35 minutes, we finally arrive.

I play the dancing monkey, showing off my meagre amount of mandarin. I’m over-pronouncing the intonations, but I have to or else I’m not sure I’ll remember it. Considering the fine line between father/poo poo, and mother/horse, I figure I’ll have to keep doing so for now. They tell me my pronunciation in mandarin makes me seem like an obedient son who is helping his mother. Well, that’s unexpected, but not the worst of outcomes.

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