Day 101 - Bobo vs Slug

Yes, you!
July 17th, 2015

Out of desperation for some easy food that wasn’t super dry (the tuna I bought wasn’t flavoured, so it was desert meat), I scavenged my nearly-bare cupboard. Ah, a can of lentils, tuna, and pasta sauce. Sodium? Don't mind if I do! Seriously though, it was a pretty good mix. I feel like lentils can be used in place of rice if you’re desperate enough.

What I pass nearly every day
Off to the slow-mo gym, write, and off to work!

To those of you who don’t know me all that well, when in Canada I would move apartments every 8-12 months. I haven’t stayed anywhere for more than a year since I was in high school. I am 27, and I moved out when I was 18. Lotta places. The reason I bring this up is because I find the change fun, interesting, and walking around those same areas for over a year can get quite boring. This leads us to this job: it’s a half hour walk and the route is getting kind of dry. It’s funny what we can get accustomed to. I walk by this massive cathedral, a volleyball court, and swathes of street art. Sunday is my last day at the job, and things could not have worked out more perfectly. My visa seems to be A-Ok, my ticket for Bali has been purchased for the 22nd, and they decided to close up shop while the owner is on vacation. When are they closing? The 22nd. Perfect for everyone involved, it would seem. Also, apparently he was only going to pay me $14, but agreed to pay me $17. I like to think it’s because I’ve done such a good job, but I’ll take it either way!

Goofy thing behind Republica
On the job, I’ve learned more about Nadja and Achmed (still not sure how to spell his name). Nadja seems ambitious, and doesn’t like to repeat herself. She values efficiency, and is generally good natured if somewhat short tempered. She used to be an art director (pretty sure), and seems to be trying this out for a while. Ahmed is a bit of  shit disturber; he asked why I didn’t do any time in the military, and I said I don’t think it’s for me. Why? Because I don’t like being told what to do. “Hurry up and portion those!” he jokingly commanded. This is what he often does, just little teases and jokes. He's a fairly well-read, jovial guy. I like them both and wouldn’t mind working here longer, but that just isn’t in the cards.

I walked home alongside Hyde park, taking in the sights. It’s a cool night, and had recently rained. The air smells of wet pavement. A man along my path was singing in a foreign tongue as the cars came in spurts on the two-laned street. I slowed my pace to take in the vision of the night, cool air filling my lungs and denoting a hint of campfire smoke. The lights of the park glistened off the damp walkways while I gazed onward. The goal is to live in the now, but I’m constantly getting to the future. This was one of my more present moments.

More Dancing Hombres
Back at the share house, I discovered a slug on the floor in the washroom. I’m sure you can guess what I thought that little, moist globule was, sitting directly beside the toilet. I picked the guy up with a butter knife, and proceeded to show everyone in the house that was home. Assia didn’t really care, and I made a joke about her eating it because she’s French. Bobo, on the other hand, was hilarious. I entered her room. She hid behind the door, peeking her head out. I assured her that it wasn’t going to come closer to her, and that it can’t even move very quickly. She stepped out of the room and lazily jogged from hiding place to hiding place as I went back to speaking with Assia. We talked about European politics a bit, particularly Greece, while Bobo looked on from her various perches. So far, Japanese people are probably my favourite. I really hope this isn’t selection bias. I pretended to eat the slug to give them both a shock. Hah.
Da Slug

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