Day 178 - Tokyo Tower

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
5th Day in Japan; Tokyo

Just some dude eatin' lunch
Run packing protocol, and we're out the door. Near us is a walking street market (an arcade?) where we stop at one of the traditional ramen restaurants. They have machines at the front listing the name and picture of whatever you might want to order, you insert the money and it pops out a little stub. If you want a larger size, pay the "upgrade" price. After you have your ticket, give it to the waitress and grab a seat. I rather like this form of payment because it allows you to get up and go whenever you want, and you don't have to worry about whether you have enough cash or not.

The Food Machine
We aren't in a hurry. One minor catch of bouncing from one BnB to another is that the check out/in times usually leave a vacuum window in the middle. This one we had to be out by 10am, next won't let us in until 3pm. Luckily, you can usually drop off your luggage.  Our new place is cheap for a big city and doesn't cost much, only ¥12000 JPY for 5 people - That's $30 CAD per person. Just discovered that their washers are also dryers here. Not good ones, but better than nothing! 

The More The Merrier

Aurora, Shimou's Cousin, XuXu, and Lynn arrived today. We made them wait for a half hour because we're mean like that and we value naps over their time. Aurora seemed uncertain about the country,  jokingly(?) tried to say that Beijing was as clean as Tokyo. They noticed trends from a snapshot that might not be true to the general. I did the same thing, thinking that there were so many old people with hunched backs. Granted that there aren't as many as initially seen, they still are more abundant here than anywhere else I've been. 

We had a group meeting about tonight's plan with Shimou as the ever patient tour guide. Tonight is...

View of Tokyo from our BnB Bathroom. Can you find the graveyard?
Tokyo Tower

During our journey, I pointed out how no one was crossing the road without a crosswalk and how Japanese people usually follow the rules. Aurora said that Chinese people were the same. FYI, those tuk tuks that flood the beijing streets are illegal, and so is Uber. I think what she said is a knee jerk reaction because she may be interpreting my comments about Japan as attacks on China. They're not meant to be.

Looks like a shorter, more orange eiffel tower. Also, there's a strange of "one piece" obsession, which appears to be the new Dragonball Z/Naruto. ¥900 yen ($11.50 CAD) to go up and get a view, among the other tourists. On the way out, Aurora and Lynn decided that they like it here. "Let's stay" Aurora suggested.* 

From Tokyo Tower
Cultural Differences

We pass several "free smoking" areas - not smoking free - where people are allowed to puff up as much as they like. That's right. In Japan, it's not cool to smoke wherever you like, and not while walking. Instead, they have segregated areas. Get in there, you animals.

Aurora wanted to bring a thermos with water in it. I reminded her that drinking water was easily found at taps in Japan, and that she should only bring it if she likes carrying things. It makes sense that she'd want to, given that you have to buy water in China if you want to drink it. Tap water is a no-no.

One thing I'll commend Aurora for is that she's open to trying everything, which I wasn't sure about. First time out of country and quite patriotic... could end up as contempt for anything different. Glad that's not the case!

*I reminded her of how she disagreed with my idea that was the reason Japan didn't have open borders with China. Because I'm a dock. 

Word of the Day - Japanese Edition
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Bonus Pic: Group Shot

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