Day 172 - The Impossible

Thursday, July 28th, 2016
150 AQI
From the Window across
from our Elevator

New Shoes

Holy geez, Shimou actually pulled off the impossible. 

Finding places that will make you shoes for high cost and no guarantees is easy – no problem there. Well, if you read Chinese they're easy to find. But now she’s found a store that has casual, everyday shoes (aka non leather) that won’t cost me an eye.

Did you know that Ralph Lauren makes shoes? I hadn’t the slightest idea, but it looks like I’ll be sporting his polo-playing jockey dude on my kicks for the foreseeable future. Less than $60 CAD for size 17US shoes. That’s impossible, I tell you. For reference, it used to be about $115 if I got them in Canada because I had to import them from the states. Then, if the first order was ill-fitted, then it would cost an additional $70 in shipping fees, plus import tax again. Time to stock up.

Near the Gym
Also, sandals. I found sandals that aren’t like horse shoes for my feet. “Shimou” I says to her, “How much are these here sandals going to run me?” 38 she says to me. I says to her, I says “38? I’m not asking the European size, doll face, I want to know the price!” Well wouldn’t you know, they really were only ¥38. $8 CAD. I’ll be.’

Enough of that vernacular.

Snagged some fried chicken from the shop around the corner. Chinese spices in fried chicken is pretty good. Not at all like home, but still good.

Front Desk Exodus

Tutor Scott told me that the girls who run the front desk at my gym were all quitting in the next 2 days, but he had no explanation. They were all going back to their home provinces, though they’re not from these are place. The only one left over is one of the 2 who would actually be nice to me with basic acknowledgement when I enter. The rest always had their consciousness sucked out by their personal electronic black hole. Their phones, I mean.

Also, I found this cool musician on youtube. Check him out below, Robby Hunter Band.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
[ge-ah choo]

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