Day 169 - Chinese Restaurants

Monday, July 25th, 2016
150 AQI


Waitstaff. You want them to be near when you need them, but you don’t want them to hover over your table, order-placing device in hand, watching you flip through the twenty pages of their menu while tapping their toe. This doesn’t happen all the time, but enough that it’s worth mentioning.

Something else you’ll find is that the waitstaff will hang out in the front-of-house in a restaurant when they’re not working, wearing full work clothes garb. There have been a number of times when we’ve come across people sitting in work clothes, eating, and had to ask if they were open. This, of course, doesn't happen in the higher-end establishments.

Finally, in the West you’ll be hard pressed to find staff and management in loud arguments within eyesight - if even earshot - of customers, but that can sometimes happen here. Again, more in the mom-and-pop sector, which are the majority of shops here.

Shimou, Tutor Scott, Dexter, and I were in “The Muslim Restaurant” as everyone calls it, when all of the above took place during the same visit.

Online Tutoring

Today I began tutoring a woman over Wechat through another company. I think they make some fatal errors with their selection of teachers: they ask foreign teachers who are already in China to teach online. This is a mistake because we can easily make ¥200-300+ an hour tutoring in person, and offering y¥100 an hour is peanuts. I’m doing it to see how they do it, then compete. Ah, business – you foul bitch.

Oh, also, Cambodia gave Shimou and I the green light on getting into their find Kingdom. Huzzah! Japan in 4 days, Cambodia in 14.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
Tutor (noun)
[dow shur]
Tutor (verb)

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