Day 168 - Creative Limbo

Oh look, a cute bear beside a coffee bean bowl!
Sunday, July 24th, 2016
150 AQI

Swimming my way through the muggy smog, I feel like I’m in some weird creative limbo.

...But first, some meat.
Creative Limbo

In the book “The War of Art”*, Steven Pressfield talks about the Eastern idea of “resistance” and argues that it is an indicator of what we most should be doing. Resistance is our internal fear of success, stopping us from stepping up. At any given time, we know what we should be doing, and yet we often fall short or don’t push yourself as much as we should toward the goals we profess to be willing to do anything for. We’d be willing to die to achieve these goals, but... not actually practicing. It hits us all.

And more meat. Notice how they're airing it out
for your convenience.
So here I find myself, perched on a balancing beam between resistance and inspiration. My current story is unfolding before me and it feels like my job is to transcribing it on the page in a way that entices and entraps. I'm listening to a book, Stein on Writing, and it's helping for me to see what I do right and what I do… less right. He points out the beginning mistakes, and how to remedy them. Definitely worth a read if you're interested in any form of writing.

Appetizer of some bean stuff on bread, and what looks like tuna salad on saltines.

Now, some food from the Café
As for me, I simultaneously want to get down to writing, while being afraid that, once there, I will vomit garbage, or, worse still, nothing at all. 

That's the real fear – That I'll run out or be unable to tie it all together. Therein also lies the enjoyment. Simultaneously creating and solving a puzzle.

I highly recommend it.

Actual Day Events

Also went to a cafe/restaurant across town with Sylvia and their friend, Adam. Chinese guy with an Australian accent when speaking English. Seems he's trying to be a real estate developer in Australia, which could probably do quite well.

Oh, and today was game day, but ehh. I don't feel like chronicling it. Sorry, fellow nerds.

*And not the other way around!

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]

[naan tea]

Bonus: More food from the café

Matcha Cheesecake, Oh baby

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