Day 167 - Chinese Hospitals

Aside from the Caved in Sunroof, she's not so bad!
Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
150 AQI

Hellooooo, Nurse

Let’s spend time in a Chinese hospital shall we? Shimou’s eyes had gone bloodshot and hurt, without explanation. Personally, I would’ve waited another day to see if it rides out, but she wanted to see the Doc. He's a cutie.

Let's see.. F2 has the Rectum Branch.. F3's got the Bashroom, and F4.. well,
it's the place for some Tony Robbins.
The hospital is the one that Bunny had mentioned earlier, it’s only defining features are that it’s nearby, and inexpensive.

Apparently in Chinese hospitals, you have to pay something for a registration... and for the card they give you. Total cost of registration and card? ¥7. ¥2 for the card, and ¥5 for the registration itself. On the third floor of the drab, 90’s-esque hospital, we wait in the drab hallway near a tiny office, door open. We're waiting for another patient to finish with the eye doc, other potential patients walking up and trying to over-assert their right to be next. The reception was on the main floor, the docs are each in small offices. One prescription of eye drops and a vague explanation later and we’re out of that place.

Check out that red.. uh.. Scaffolding

Across the street in my local cafe, I learned they had been giving me a discount every time I come in. Loyalty rewards, I guess, in the form of ¥3 off for every latte. I wondered why my change after every purchase didn't make sense. I just assumed my Chinese numbers weren’t very good.

Cambodia Visitor Visa

If you’re applying for your Cambodia visa, you can go to their official website, but either way it’ll redirect you to this shoddy looking website, requiring you to pay roughly $57 USD. You must upload a picture and all your passport photos, then pay them. Not… not sketchy at all. But the official government website directed us so… awayyyy we go.

Things I learned through making this visa:
1) Cambodia’s website has a sick gif of a waving flag
2) Cambodia is a Kingdom
3) Kingdoms are still a thing.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]

dǎ zhé
[dah juh-ah]
[jee-ann poo j-eye]

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