Day 170 - Struggling Juggling

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016
150 AQI

Struggling Juggling

Realized my posts were slipping while I’ve been working and reworking the first chapter. Gotta push forward, since I have a block with what to do next, and I know I'm making excuses. This book “Stein on Writing” has helped figure out how to progress and what to do next, indirectly.

Sitting in Maan coffee, writing out whatever I can possibly think of. Flooding the dam until it cracks. As a result, chapter two is extremely disjointed and nonsensical ordering, but... it's something.

A dresser Shimou found me had arrived today, some assembly required. Every time I have to put something together here, I seem to cut myself somewhere in the process. I don’t notice until there’s already blood, and this was no exception.

Not the first overt advertisement for this little blue pill
So now, I’ve successfully stopped living out of my suitcases since the move… just in time to live out of a suitcase in a few more days when I leave for Japan.

Then and Now

When I first got here, I felt like I was falling apart, physically. The beds left my entire body aching; my knees and shin splints were a bitch from all the walking; my neck and wrists hurt from the bad ergonomics from laptop use. A crumbling wreck. 

Now, things are great. Hitting the gym when you feel like you are bothered by the day-to-day seems counter intuitive, but that's what fixed a lot of the physical ailments. China may be rough around the edges at first, a little pushy, sure, but it’s pretty cool when you get used to it. Having some language under your belt also goes a long way.

All I need now is a new pair of shoes before these ones disintegrate and fall away.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
xiàn zài
[she-ann z-eye]

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