Day 186 - Why Bugs Hurt People?

Thursday, August 11th, 2016
1st Day in Cambodia; Siem Reap

It's 9:20 local time, but 11:20 my time. I could have slept more, but why? I'm hungry and breakfast is served. Shimou, sound asleep, is certain to hardly notice my absence, so I steal away to the front of the resort and have a nice "moon smile" breakfast and coffee. This seems to be a light breakfast that you might find in the west. Eggs, toast, bacon. That last piece is important because it's uncommon to find in Beijing.

After enjoying the breakfast, I relaxed next to two sunbathing cats, eventually migrating back to the room to listen to Alan Watts talk about the universe and self. Also watch videos on the new virtual reality things. Shits getting cool. 

Beer is Water

After Shimou was ready, we hopped into a tuk tuk, exchanged some money, and headed for the local special "happy pizza." Google it if you're not familiar. The prices are ridiculous, in a good way: $0.50  USD for local draft beer, $2.00 for a latte, and like $7.50 for a medium pizza. The beer seems to be the best priced thing around, on par with water.

I sat, enjoying some local beer, reading comics, while waiting for Shimou to finish shopping. Image Comics are the bomb. Black Science, Fatale, Prophet, East of West... they've all been fantastic. I recommend all of them.

Hotel Expenses

We returned to the hotel to find a bill. The cans of coke in the fridge were $2 a pop, bottled water wa $1 a bottle. That's where they getcha. We ate dinner at the resort, which also wasn't the best prices, but still reasonable. For back home, I mean; Hella expensive by local standards. But hey, they had some local dish that Shimou wanted to try. 

Had a dip in the giant bath tub, and watched half of Amélie before turning in early. Japanese candy is a great thing. 

Quote of the day, said by Shimou: “why insect hurt people?”* upon reacting to finding a cricket in the bathroom. In reality, it scared her when she had opened the door and accidentally ripped its leg off.

You'll also note that these posts are particularly short. As I said, I plan to do nothing this week. It'll be brief. Feels good to just unwind and do nothing after rushing around Japan trying to see as much as possible on as little sleep as possible. Can't really complain about either, though.

*She later pointed out that she was saying "why insect hurt people" because she had a dozen mosquito bites between her legs. I admit I connected two random events that weren't connected, but it's funny in a nonsensical way, so I'm keeping it. This is the retraction.

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