Day 187 - Off to Market

Friday, August 12th, 2016
2nd Day in Cambodia; Siem Reap

10 days until the first day of school. Huh.

Packed up and into the tuk tuk. Our next resort, TuCasa, is not where Google maps thought it was. I'm still happy to have it, even though it caused us to be driven around town until we found it. Please come back to China, Google. Please.

Magical Flutes

The resort is new, and run by a Japanese woman, Yumi. It's cleaner and more modern-feeling than the last one, but smaller. I prefer more of a local taste when choosing a place to stay, but hey, this one has someone playing flute in the background... Somewhere. I can hear them through the walls for hours a day. It's not a recording. 
$20 USD a night, 2 people

The owner suggested we get food at a nearby Western place. We obliged, partially because it got us a free drink with a coupon. I asked the waitress, "is one drink free, or one each?" The waiter responded like I was trying to bargain and said "okay, okay, both are free." Worked out nicely and I totally planned it that way... *cough* 

Greasy spoon breakfast for me, and a burger for Shimou. I'm enjoying the western food cheap here that's hard to find in China. Japan's local food was amazing, but here I want to get my fill on stuff that's hard to find back 'home.'

The Night Mark__
Off to Market

We entered the noisy, bustling, people-filled, aggressive-shopkeeper infested, motorized-street-shop-and-tuk-tuk-abundant Night Market.. Just in time to tutor online. I quickly jumped into the quieted looking nearby restaurant, ordered a beer, and got to performing. Shimou wanted to try some of hte local food, and had read Chinese reviews about the Cambodian BBQ. It's got a pan that's set on top of a round ceramic 'oven.' The oven is filled with red-hot coals that heat the water that sits in a ring around the pan, with vents in the elevated middle in the pan. Imagine a angel food cake pan, but shallower, with the middle raised up and slits along the middle. They had a chunk of pork fat to grease the frying part, and broth to cook the vegetables.

Zee Night Market
Next to the Night Market is Pub Street. Theses are the places
to check out if you're in Siem Reap and want to get down
A song, Will you still love me tomorrow?, wafts from an unseen speaker. Crocodile, octopus, kangaroo, shark, and the three usual fellas have joined us to be fried and eaten. They're real pals. I feed a stray cat beside me, young and starved looking. He's my buddy, and has now tried more types of eats than a good chunk of people.

We wander the packed market where tuk tuks fly by, people are wandering around, and small tuk tuk shops sell alcohol right on the street. We don't party, just head back to the hotel. Exciting.

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