Day 166 - Charity for Naked Children

Friday, July 22nd, 2016
105 AQI

Charity Concert for Naked Children be given clothing. Dan had provided tickets as he was one of the event coordinators. Totally would've paid for it anyway, instead I donated the money through the purchase of alcohol. Only get down 1200 words today, with the daily target being around 5000. It's a bit of a struggle to juggle writing and editing the blog, but so far been keeping up. 

Just Cardboard Hoarding, No Biggie
Shimou is coming for the event. This is the assumption I've been going on, but she really doesn't seem to want to, eventually telling Dexter and me to go without her. A 35 minute uber later and we've arrived. Online, they said that they start at 7, we arrive at 7:45 thinking we're late, and grab a drink. It's nearly empty and nothing is happening yet.

15 minutes later, I'm reminded that I have online tutoring today at 8. Oops. I temporarily become "that guy." You know, the one hanging out by the washroom talking into his phone, crouching with a fruity drink in hand. 
Charity Event like a Bar Scene

Graffiti I Stared at While Tutoring
I return to find Dexter nursing his second beer, buy another round, and commence talking to strangers. Meet two people who work in DC politics and they'll both be leaving the country within a week. Oh, look at that, People I know. My friend from DnD, Ana, knows everyone and introduced me to several of her friends. A German who worked for Volkswagen, a Chinese-looking woman who was actually from India, Russian Valentina, and Omar, a guy who tried to recruit me to play shadowrun (another tabletop game similar to dnd). Had to break that conversation off when the other members of the group had eye like donuts - glazed. 

Teased people a lot. I expected to be rusty in this scene since I haven't actually gone clubbing much since Australia. The German girl is here with the Indian chick, who is leaving the next night. Indian chick starts hooking up with some guy and leaves the German girl as the odd man out. All too common.I joke that she should interrupt her friend by reminding them that she's still there, but she doesn't bite. 

Another DnD friend, Louis, introduced me to a British chick. Upon asking, she said they don't like our accents (aussies said the same - never believe them). I wanted to hear Russian Valentina speak in her native tongue, but instead of saying the stupid ol' "say something in russian!" I challenged her to recite russian poetry. I don't even know where that idea came from... but she obliged. Halfway through her recitation, she became angry with herself for not recalling the poem in its entirety. I tried to comfort her by saying I can't remember my entire national anthem,* but she brushed it off, saying the same. 

Full Swing
Drunken Bartering

About this time, Shimou has been waiting at the McDonald's near my apartment for a half hour, meaning I should probably skedaddle tout suite. It's a busy area of town and I'm competing with Chinese people to find a cab. This can be a real bitch, as cabs will often pick them over the hassle of language barriers. A tuk tuk pulls up, eventually telling me that my destination was too far away. I knew this, but couldn't disengage because he kept following me. Next, a black taxi pulled up and wanted ¥120 just to GR Mall. Stuff that.

Finally, I found another black taxi who would get me there for ¥80. Highway Robbery. We talked a bit on the way home: he has 2 kids,  13 and 8; he's 35, his wife is 33; he's been driving for 5 years, says it's alright; he used to be a chef. He seemed fascinated with my leg hair, which I forget is an uncommon thing here for men or women alike. Kept touching it. We pick Shimou up from the mall, proceeding the 2 blocks to my apartment. Remember: ¥80 initial offer, I extend it to ¥85 for the extra bit. He wants ¥100. Pff, whatever. And here I thought the conversation would help him be less of a dick. Still cheaper than the first car, which said 120 to the mall, I guess.

But hey, at least I'm able to hold really basic conversations and haggle a bit.

*It's true, I found out on Canada Day when I had to look up the lyrics to make sure I was right. I wasn't. As I tell people, I'm a terrible Canadian. Don't like hockey, not a huge fan of maple, and never engaged in winter sports

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
Too Expensive
tài guì le
[tie gway-luh]
shāng chǎng
[shahng chahng]

Editing Music
When I'm Away
The Colourist

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