Day 164 - China and Heavy Rain

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
20 AQI

The Southern Storm 
It hit Beijing. 

It’s crazy, raining cats and dogs, sideways. My area of town seems stable and fine, no real flooding, but water, water everywhere.

Dexter and I posted up in Maan coffee, about a 3 block walk, and our clothes were completely drenched - shoes included - from that short hop. He even had an umbrella, but said it didn’t help much.


Part of the problem with all the rain is China’s poor infrastructure. Apparently they have rains like this once every few years, which means that extreme flooding should be expected, and precautions built. Top that with draining the water table, and shoddy construction can sometimes lead to massive sink holes that people fall into and die, or buildings can fall over causing even greater destruction. 

Worse still, imagine walking down the street, and taking a step into a shallow puddle to cross the street. Hold on a tick, this puddle's not as shallow as you first thought! Your whole foot is submerged, and then you're electrocuted to death. Badly insulated electrical wires that hang down into water have killed quite a few people here.

Then there’s the problem of education: a lot of people don’t know how to swim. Man, it’s a shit show. People seem unfazed by both the destruction and the death toll. Kind of sickening that this is seen as a "normal" event.

Nothing Day: Granted

Anyway, the point is that my wish was inadvertently granted. Day off from tutoring, and the gym. Got a lot of work done, no pressure. Thanks, uh, "God."

Writing Philosophy

I wrote out a comprehensive enough profile for the main characters, and a general idea of setting and situation. Now, I’m making things happen and seeing how these people would reacting in the scene. Who is where, what do they do, how would that kind of person react? Action verbs, showing and not telling, and see where things take me.

Honestly, I should probably make out a skeleton of the story, but I don’t know what I want to do yet, and haven’t even fully committed to the environment. So, as it stands, I’m hobbling forward with certain concrete elements, and ideas pop up as it discovers itself. Kind of fun, it’s like a “choose your own adventure” game where you are only restricted by remaining true to the characters in that environment. Feels kind of like DnD in that respect.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
gù shì

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