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Much like Westerners mistakenly tattooing silly Chinese characters on their body, the Chinese people tend to wear clothing with English writing on them.

From the inspiring to the keyboard mash, this is an on-going collection of phrases and sayings walking around in Beijing today. From some as silly as "I'm retired, do it yourself" worn by a teenager, to

Key: / means a page break. Anything written in square brackets are descriptions, not actually displayed on the shirts. I have to clarify this because some of the shirts do have random characters, including round brackets.

Seen while walking around in Beijing:
  • I'm retired, do it yourself 
  • C'est voyage 
  • Le studio 
  • Boxer 
  • Born for greatness 
  • Eib rave treopd sdgcb sa bertn [If this is a language, please tell me. Pretty sure it's garbage]
  • I am not perfect / but I am / Vmited / edition 
  • Dueplay 
  • Loy you Loy you 
  • Me pig f love 
  • God save the Queen [a Chinese girl was wearing this] 
  • Beru Palpite aveu 
  • Place in his arms (its shiny in his arms dear) 
  • FLOWER [back of man's jacket]
  • Think and act 
  • DON'T you dare to give up 
  • Classy snob [hat] 
  • Think and act 
  • Super massive unkcomn 
  • London / New York / Berlin 
  • Je suis bananas 
This one was all on the back of one shirt, complete with the typo at the end:

I've changed my mind /
I don't want to come /
Sign me out of your game /
I've seen enough /
I don't want to come /
I'm not the one to blame /
The noise surrounds me /
I'm fading away /
I'm starting all over /
Aagin and again

  • Good good study day day up 
For the above: A phrase that's meant to encourage students to study goes:
Hăo hăo xí xué tiān tiān xiàng shàng
Literal translation: "Good Good Study Day Day Towards Up"
Intended meaning: "Study hard everyday and excel!" or "Study hard and keep your head up!"
  • Light flash / with play ["with play" is upside down] 
  • Coffee / tea / pancakes / and you
  • Destroy the expected 
  • Never lose your courage 
  • Enjoy rock n roll [on Hawaiian flower pattern]
  • I heed a little issieburance
More to come!

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