Day 84 - Not-So-Canada Day!

See that fence? I literally jumped it to speak to them.
July 1st, 2015 - Canada Day?

Unlike yesterday, today begins at 8am, as we’re driving 1.5 hours away to a town called “Eaton.” It’s my first day where they’re cutting me entirely loose, self-managed to do my work. The ride there was largely uneventful, but I snapped some pictures, including Matt sleeping with an energy drink in his lap while Andrew, his cousin (also South African) drove. Perk of the day so far: the bus to work was free because their system was down. Score.

"Chicken Treat"
What a name!
A perk for this area in particular is that there are a lot of people home, and they’re a small town which doesn’t get hit up much because of their remote location. This means more friendly conversations and probably more prospects. At this point, just speaking to people is the goal, as knocking on empty houses loses it’s appeal pretty quickly. I sign one up before lunch. Two are on the hook, but I’m forced to go back later because I don’t know how to solve their problems.

Poor Guy's Tuckered Out!
My expensive lesson of the day: $100-200 dollars taught me how to solve their particular problems, and that this is definitely an impulse thing. If they don’t sign up when I’m there the first time, the chances of them doing it when I return are greatly diminished. I kind of already know this. One of the principles of persuasion is surprise, as they won’t have mentally girded themselves. Think about when a homeless person surprises you as you turn a corner, asking for change, and you instinctively reach in your pocket. Now compare that to when you see him do it to someone else in front of you, then turn to you. Defensive measures prepped and ready to fire.


  • A massive cage full of budgies
  • Lots and lots of dogs
  • It seems fibromyalgia, cancer, and various other diseases are somewhat common
  • Unemployment is also common
  • Speaking to over 80 people, which is including the ones that shut me down after the first second
  • Very tired legs from all the hills
Swan Rivah
The location was fairly big, and far from the car. My legs are killing me, and my shoes are beginning to squeak. On my return trip to the car at the end of the day (6:15pm), I find that the car location is vacant. Was keeping my phone off to conserve battery wasn’t a grave mistake? No, thankfully it wasn’t. Matt had just moved the car for some reason and returned a few minutes after Andrew arrived.

Skip forward to the sharehouse, which is where they dropped me off. I let Matt use the washroom before his ginger bladder explodes. Gym (despite the fatigue), shower, hang out with Housemate Ricardo (that guy is super chill), and have a mini-freakout about this goddamn job. I think my mind decided that would be the best time to mass compile all the rejections I had received in the past 3 days, then unload them like Scarface with a tommy gun.

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