Day 67 - Rolling on the floor, Cackling

Several of these dot the horizon
June 14th, 2015

The day begins with becoming stronger, more reflexive, and resistant to poison. I level up my character, which I had put off for two weeks. That’s right! Today is Game Day! For the interview, I research the company a little more and try to find the job posting, but neither is very helpful. Probably not the most promising of results.

I take the train to suburbia, and we begin the games with Ben, Ryan, Andrew, Joel, and the new addition: Bryan (Elf Gunslinger). The game day, as before, runs from about 3pm to about 9:30pm.

Majestic Tran's
I’m pretty frustrated with my character, as it’s support. I hate playing support. Either I like to mess around in town, or deal damage in combat. I dislike playing the buff/debuff (read: making the team stronger, or enemies weaker), or healer.. but that’s what I decided to try this time. Again, I’m playing a witch. She can barely speak, and only messes with the enemy by giving mean looks, then cackling about it. I literally just give mean looks the entire time and cackle. I’m not even joking. I can’t even fly!

This guy had some bizarre music
Anyway, outside of combat, one of the only things I can do is daze weakish people, but the guards don’t particularly like it. In harry potter terms, it’s kind of like a weak “stupefy.” That can be kind of fun, but if anyone catches me without my posse... well, that's all folks.

We hunt down the father of some jilted woman who wanted revenge on him for past acts. Apparently he’s a human trafficker, and he’s trafficking… the homeless. From a soup kitchen. In a church. We are asking around for him when we notice someone try to slink out as we’re questioning someone, which I then try to daze. Fail. Commence combat where we take out a number of thugs. We hogtie bad papa, fight our way out, and return to our home base after dropping off the package to the daughter. Sweet as.

Afterward, we get bombarded in our home only to have Ryan/Sorcerer summon 5 eagles that help to win the battle for us. Hooray! That’s where we left off. For anyone who plays games like this, it’s standard to bring snacks for it. I brought a bunch of things from Tran's, which they thought was odd, but most of them seemed to like. I bought these wafer things which, I thought, were guava flavoured. No. Durian.

Background of Durian fruit: it smells disgusting and varies from tasting sweet to super bitter. I think someone told me it’s also known as "stink fruit." Here’s how Urban Dictionary so eloquently puts it:

A large fruit enjoyed in asian cultures. Only those those who will brave the foul odor and dangerous spines are worthy to enjoy the repulsive slime contained within. 
Eating of durian may be more of a badge of cultural identity than nutrition; in this respect, it shares company with Marmite, Lutefisk, Spam, and Poutine.
"Eat Me!"

Ouch on the poutine, but I get where they’re coming from. I tried to eat some of the candies, but ended up regretting it after three of them. Three. I drank coffee, had other snacks, even ate a full meal - I could still taste it. I thought I remembered the fruit as smelling bad, but supposed to taste good. Wrong. Wrong. Any time I had a small burp, the pungent smell/taste would return. 

Dear friends, do not make the same mistake I did. Just say no… No, Durian. No. no...

Andy gave me a ride to north bridge and I walked the rest of the way home. The Steam summer sale began today, and I picked up “Darkest Dungeon,” which is based off of Lovecraft lore. Lovecraft is still hilarious, but also has some cool lore. Good game, by the way. Ch-ch-ch check it out!

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