Day 66 - Day at the Museum

June 13th, 2015

Despite sleeping around 5, I wake up just before noon to meet a Indonesian girl named Edwin for lunch at Taka (very cheap Japanese place). Yes, Edwig, which she spells ‘Hedwig’ on FaceBook. She’s 5’10”, studying at bible college, and is looking for friends. Cool. We sit down and wait for our food alarm to go off (they hand out these pads that will ring when it’s ready).

I pull out my chair, settle in and look up to see Shimou staring at me from the next able over. A little surprised, I get up and go give her a hug hello, and introduce myself to her friends. Our alarm goes off, I grab the food and settle back in to tease my Indonesian friend. She had told me she studied theology, so I asked how religious she was. I ask because the people I know who studied religions tend to become less religious the more they study the various religions of the world, but then found out it was a bible college. Ah. Well, let’s stay away from that.

Vicious Crabs
While we’re eating, I wave goodbye to Shimou and company as they shuffle through the packed restaurant to the front exit. The food here is quite good, and very cheap for Perth. $6 for a small bowl, which is still pretty big, or $8 for a huge bowl and a miso soup. I thought I was very hungry, so I got the huge one only to feel way too full as I hit the 75% mark.

We leave from the restaurant and I lead us to a place where it’ll be relatively quiet and we can sit down. I really don’t want to move; all steam needs to be sent to the stomach. Instead, we wander through a museum that I’d never been to, but have passed many times. In fact, it’s the one I met Eloise in front of.

We wander through, looking at the various exhibits, from prehistoric, to an exhibit on the aboriginals, and one on Mammals. Afterward, I walk her to the train station and head back to my place for a nap. Tough day, I know.

Shimou came over and interrupted my nap with some chicken, which I was still too full for. I tell her that tonight is Alexandre’s birthday party, and that she’s welcome to stay for it. I had invited Thor and Yuzu, but neither could make it (work, and illness, respectively). In very Chinese fashion, Shimou says that we have to go get a gift of some sort, even though I said I had beer to give him as a gift. We walk into town and stop at Yuzu’s place to give her some of that potent ginger tea, then off to the bottle-o.

"In early civilizations, carving turkeys was top priority"
Bottle of wine and pizza in hand, we arrive back at the share house to find the various people in the living room where we’d left them. I grab the beer, a pack of cards, and suggest we play a drinking game. They’d never played Kings, most of them, so I explain some of the rules and we get down to it. In the end, I was the one who had to drink the kings cup with the last card, which was.. whatever. When you’re a little drunk and you chug, nothings as bad as you’d think. For those who know about the game, there’s a card where you can make a rule, and the version we played allowed you to partner with someone for the rest of the game, which we agreed to make it a 2-way street. This resulted in French Gaspar roping in 4 other people onto his team, and purposely breaking the rules to force them all to drink. The rules were: No french, No Names, No standing. Very easy to break, especially for a Frenchman.

A Headdress to look like an Ibis, I think
First game over, Roommates Phon and Matteo both pass out, only to be replaced (like a hydra!) with Taiwanese Anne, Thai Natty, and a Chinese fellow whose name escapes me (partially because I never properly learned it (whoops)). We tried to start another round of the game, but most of the people were too drunk to focus. We broke off into groups, discussing various topics. I found out that French Thomas was also a huge fan of Muse and also played the same instruments as me. 

The night blurs a bit at this point, but we compared the various languages. I made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches, then said goodnight and went to bed.

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