Day 86 - Funday Friday

Nice Neighborhood
July 3rd, 2015

It’s Friday Funday at the office, which means casual clothes! This is great for me because I don’t actually own any formal clothes besides the one pair of dress pants I have already worn a couple times. In either case, I don’t feel dressing up is required for this job and could actually hurt us. Nevertheless, all the guys are in smart-wear and I’m in casual button-ups and jeans.

Strange "Flowers"
I arrive to find a few of the more senior sales reps about to play a game with a basketball. Nat calls me over. The game is passing the ball to someone and pitching to that person while they come up with an objection that you have to deal with. What fun. The ball is passed around a few times, never making it to me before Greg, the top dog, says we’re going to be breaking off into groups for a specific competition he had in mind.

Matt, Andrew, Nat, and Julien, Nat’s new protégé, are in my team where we have to come up with a shark tank pitch for a business that will need $500k start-up. We go around pitching random things, but it ends up being a tie between two of my ideas, with me as the tie-breaker. Prettiest girl at the dance!

Nat, Andrew, and Matt give the pitch, as I don’t really want to and Julien is even greener than me. Out to the field!
Giant Lemon!

  • Tons of Lemons, all over
  • Citrus trees abound
  • Had a few friendly elderly people. One woman had an ab roller, so I asked if she had rock hard abs. She said she didn’t. “I do,” I said, “they’re buried treasure.” She liked it, but not enough to sign up with me. :’(
  • Kept offering people lemons (only one person accepted)
  • Brought their papers in from the street
  • No sign ups

Must have been hot!
Not as rough of a day as Wednesday, but I’m feeling slightly more optimistic. Worn down, but vaguely optimistic which I’m pulling out of the ether. On the bright side, it’s Friday, which means pizza and cider in the office. Hurrah!

I hang around with Matt, chatting with him. He’s a really cool guy, I wish we actually got to be around each other more while in the field, but it’s usually just brief snippets at the beginning, break, and end.

I told Shimou that I would grab some things from the grocery store on the way home, and I really should. She’s been feeding me this past while, both in the food itself and in the preparation, and doing the dishes doesn’t quite cover that. My legs aren’t entirely dead anymore, getting used to all the walking in a fairly short time frame, though they’re still feeling it.

Given that I’ve eaten pizza and two bottles of cider, I’m not the hungriest. I eat a little to keep her company and because I feel guilty that she waited to eat with me. I wasn’t aware of this, but I figure it’ll help her forgive that oversight a little quicker by I joining her.

Non-Sales Victory: I explain some of the things I learned from the 4 hour work week to Shimou and feel myself slip into a selling frame of mind. The sales lessons are starting to sink in. This tiny, fraction-of-a-second feeling is the fuel I need to keep going.

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