Day 91 - Coffee with Yuzu

What a Cutie
July 8th, 2015

Thanks to the job I just quit, I now have a morning schedule. This is actually not what I particularly want, as most things I like to do tend to happen at night. Though, this new job is supposed to be mainly evenings, which is perfect. Sleep in, gym, personal work, Paella work, and nights free. Huzzah!

I wake up at 9:30 and revel in the fact that I can fall back asleep for as long as I want. I revel in that fact, yet I don’t actually do it. Instead, I play around on my phone while talking to people from back home. Lucas, and Steve primarily; we’re planning possible businesses, while Steve and I banter like usual. I suggest to Steve that he should outsource his job, though he feels he could learn more from it before making any moves toward that. Good point.

We shared some pork buns
I’m supposed to meet Yuzu today before work, opting to push the gym until after training tonight. I’m relistening through the 4 hour work week and am completely infatuated with the ideas. Honestly, it’s a little daunting to take the first step - and I have very little to lose. I sit out front of Yuzu’s collecting warmth from the sun until she emerges from the shadows. The coffee at D«íme is pretty good, and I pay for both of ours. She insisted on paying me, for some reason. We talk about business ideas, what she plans to do when she gets home, and the rest of her limited time in Perth. She’s moving out of her place and staying on my couch for the last two nights in the city, then making a few stop overs on her way back to Japan. She helps with a lead on a business idea I had for Japan/China, which seems like it will be very handy!

Random fact (I think) I neglected to mention some time ago: When you set up a bank account here, they don’t let you pick your own pin. They don’t even tell you your pin or give you your card. Nope. Instead, they mail them separately to you. Talk about security.. yet.. you can use your phone to take cash out from the ATM using their app. For some reason that feels less secure to me, though you have to sign in every time. Such convenience, hey?

Jump forward to the job: it’s like a pita place or any other fast food/cafe place where you have the option to eat in. Fast food/restaurant hybrid that I’m having a hard time pinning in a small phrase. Ok.. let’s see.. “it’s like a Chinese food place, but for paella and coffee.” I have training here Tues-Thurs for 2 hours between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. The job is pretty lax, and very welcome compared to door-to-door. Portion food, microwave the pre-portioned food, clear tables, do dishes. All really easy stuff and the coworkers seem nice enough, as well.

They're Lemons
Back home, I hop to the gym after rehydrating. Shimou is hanging out with Natty, French Gaspar’s girlfriend, and will show up at my place afterward. So, I thought. I get a text from her saying that she’s at my place and to come home now, though I’m still working out. I tell her so, and arrive home to find myself in the middle of a small party. Hop in the shower, hearing them sing happy birthday while I’m cleaning up. Ah shit, I didn’t even know it was her birthday.*

We hang out and chat while people drop off. The night before, I had learned that Phon had moved out without saying anything, if you recall. Well, she’s back today for the party, and had moved so far away… next door, to be exact. She said she wanted her own place, though I can’t imagine why right now. Her room is a double, and she hasn’t had a roommate for a few weeks. It’s still empty as I write this!

The night was largely uneventful with people smoking and drinking inside, but little that was interesting enough to write.

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