Day 72 - Tiger Lil's, Take One

Absolute Downpour in one of the Sunniest Cities
June 19th, 2015

I wake up at 12 or so and find Shimou is still in the house, obviously having missed her flight. Apparently it’s $150 to move it, but $300 to cancel it, though she doesn’t know when she will move it to. Up until today, she kept telling people she had cancelled it. I’m not sure why. Possibly to see if she should stay or not. Maybe?

I go home. After procrastinating, I run out of time to go to the gym. Punishment: forcing myself to have a cold shower despite the option of a warm one next door. I’m not sure which is worse: choosing a cold shower, or having no other option.

I meet British Nicci in the CBD, and we end up getting caught in the rain, stranding us at Tiger Lil’s while we debate the difference between men and women. She’s originally from Zimbabwe and had moved to England a long while before. The rain is sustained for a couple hours, but gives way to a torrent of people heading to the bar. I didn’t even really know about this bar, but I guess it’s popular on a Friday.

Tiger Lil's. I like the Decor.
On one trip to the washroom, I found that the crowd congregates in the most inconvenient of places for anyone who wants to travel from one end of the bar to the other. I comment on this to a random middle-aged woman who carries the conversation a bit further, asking me if I’m Irish. I tease her about the bad guess, and she somehow leads it to something she was doing when she was my age. I tell her how old I am after she inquires, then I ask her the same question. I seem to be able to get away with asking the questions you’re not supposed to ask. She tells me she’s 32, which I call bullshit on, guessing her to be around 44. She’s jokingly offended that I was wrong, the correct answer being 43. I tell her she looks great, and excuse myself back to fighting through the crowd.

Nicci gives me a ride home, then I play games until I pass out relatively early.

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