Day 69 - Quiet Day

Calvin would be Happy
June 16th, 2015

Opening Note: Whenever you see a link somewhere (including picture captions), those are little easter eggs I've thrown in to add value in some way. They range from explanations of slang or concepts I mention, to random jokes, to a song that I'm quoting. A number of people have said they notice, but never click. Check them out, most of them are worth while, others are just for a laugh (if only my own).

Shimou’s house invited me for lunch, which was fantastic as always. She has an obsession with feeding people, which I am perfectly happy to oblige. This time, however, it was much too spicy for me, and I had to dip the vegetables into a bowl of water before I could actually handle them. Sad.

I depart by train after hanging around for a few hours, and hit the gym after digesting. This lands around 5pm, and gym goers may recognize this as rush hour. I’m not used to seeing it so packed, but the people are friendly enough and willing to share the machines. No worries.

After pushing through the workout, I skedaddle home to shower and head right back in the same direction I had just come from. Salsa night! I had missed it last week, and was determined to make it today, despite Yuzu and Yang Suni inviting me to grab food. Salsa covered the same exact steps as a couple weeks ago, and I get the feeling that this is the entire extent of what they’re going to be teaching in this free course. Whatever, it gets me out of the house and I might as well get the basics down.

Just some of the Small Talk advice
Yuzu said she would be down to go to Hip-E tonight, but it turns out they had bought beer and were feeling lazy. Instead, I went to their share house and hung out with their various residents. It’s a pretty fun place, and I wish mine was more like it. The advantages of mine are the privacy and our washroom is far superior. Thor actually hasn’t showered at his place the entire time he’s been there, opting to do it at the gym instead.

We found a deck of cards at my request, allowing me to teach Italian Alberto, German(?) Ido, Yuzu, Yang Suni to play Golf. Yuzu finally understood it this time around, but had much worse luck than before. Funny how that works.

About an hour after curfew (another drawback of their place), I head home and play some steam games. Hip-E is hardly worth it when you compare the scenarios: Before 10, its free entry, free hotdog and drink. After 10? Pay cover. Nothing else, just pay cover. Pah, no thanks.

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