Day 58 - Taka!

Yuzu loves Horses. She should be named Philip.
June 5th, 2015

Oh god, so many backlogged days. Here’s the predicament: if a lot is happening, there more to write up; less time to do it. The flipside is having a more boring time. Ehhh, nah. The past 4 days hadn’t been written up, and they are among some of the more eventful, as you may have seen. In total today, I think it took me 3 hours to write everything up to date.

On the way to the gym, I run into Yuzu, who is returning from somewhere. We chat a bit, she corrects my pronunciation of “hay-ya-ku” (hurry; quickly) and taught me the difference between the phrases “naan des-kah” (what is it/that?) and “so des-kah” (Oh really?). I joked by looking horrified and pointing at her while saying “Naan des-kah!!” She told me that was rude hahah. 

Shaved Taro Ice with Mochi
Gym, then return home and remember that I have broccoli in the fridge. My vegetable intake has been shit; being poor has largely skewed my intake toward nutrient-lacking carbs. Might be a coincidence, but I feel like I’ve been pushing myself less lately. Going to have to come up with some sort of suitable punishment… In either case, post-workouts will now include vegetables.

Oh shit! Adventure time just finished the season, and I’m pumped for that. Yes, if it’s not already evident enough, I’m a big nerd. I start the download while trying to set up ads on the blog. Here’s why: I have no job still, and the closer it gets to departure date, the less likely I see it happening. Also, people have told me that they're enjoying reading my exploits/thoughts. If you like it and want it to continue, I ask your patience with banner ads being a necessary evil to continue the content production. If you like them, go ahead and click on them! Win-win.

In my conversation with Yuzu, we agreed to check out this cheap Japanese restaurant in town. $8 for a large plate of food. It turned out that Mahni and Alex were planning on going at 6. Perfect! I finish my work, find out that Alex has decided not to go, but Mahni is going to meet a friend. I don’t know where the place is, allowing Mahni to lead the way, collecting Yuzu on the way. Shimou is also meeting us at the restaurant. The other three get started while I wait for her arrival. Renee, Mahni’s friend from Hong Kong, Taiwanese Mahni, Japanese Yuzu, Chinese Shimou, and me. Quite the diverse table. If they were at all nationalistic, it could be a recipe for disaster.

A little off guard
Shimou and Yuzu speak in Japanese a bit, as Shimou had studied the language in Japan. We talk about a few basic words for Mandarin. I think it’s overdue that I start chipping away at the language. It’s one of those colossal undertakings that keeps getting putting off because you know how much work it will ultimately be. Though, procrastination ends up making it even harder, often cutting down the time you have to invest. We all know this, yet we all do it.

So Sweet
After the food, Mahni and Renee go their separate way, leaving Yuzu, Shimou, and I to go to a bubble tea place in Northbridge. We get this shaved ice cream dessert to share between the three of us. Yuzu had never tried taro, and neither of the ladies wants to make a decision; Taro it is! For those of you who haven’t tried taro, it’s a tuber, like a potato, but the dessert form tastes like vanilla’s awesome cousin. That’s how I describe it, at least. "Not really" disagreed Yuzu.

Look at that sweaty pit.
You're welcome Shimou and Yuzu.
We wander around, drop of Yuzu’s leftovers at her place, then go to The Moon because I wanted coffee, but Shimou wanted wine. Why not both? I tried to explain Scrabble to them, as it was the only decent game available at the place, but that’s… well, that’s just not happening.

We walk home, bidding each other a fine evening and a good night.

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