Day 54 - Age of Ultron

The Brewery Bar next to
June 1st, 2015

I am woken up today around 9am and made to wonder if I should go into my housemates room to see if everything is alright. They’ve been fighting a lot lately, and it’s reached the zone of break-up level fighting. Stuff is thrown, she tearfully screams thats he hates him, but I can’t actually hear him say or do anything. After listening, I fall back asleep after deciding that she is the main aggressor/perpetrator of violence.

Gym, catch up on writing. The problem now is that laziness is prevailing for the writing. I’m falling behind, not because I don’t have time, but because I have too much time and don’t feel like doing it. A constant struggle for us all.

I make curry because the meat is probably near expiry. Yum, stew beef this time! While it’s boiling down, I go on an editing spree to catch up on my releases. 6 releases! 6! ah-ah-ah.

The bathroom at the theatre. I find it strange.
I still haven’t seen the second Avengers yet. I must see it in theatres. I invite Shimou and company (Lee, Joy, Dennis) to come as well. We make it, but just a little bit before and have to rush to get the snacks before it begins.

I loved the movie itself, thought it was very entertaining and, though it deviated from a number of the plots, was satisfying in its own right. Much less convoluted than the comic arc, but had some logical holes because of it. Most of the group didn’t like it, however. Lee, Joy, and Shimou had a hard time understanding the English, and Dennis just plain didn’t like it. Ah, well, not for everyone. 

Thumbs up on this
Lee dropped me off near my place, walking the short distance the rest of the way so that they didn’t have to deviate too far off course.

There are these cars around town that say "No Birds" on them. Stop me if you've heard this one before... Though, I'm not actually setting up for a joke; I can't remember if I've explained it. Alright, so "No Birds" is a car rental company. Aussie Peter told me a while ago that they used to have rental cars with lots of beautiful women hanging about on them in order to attract people to rent them. Makes sense, I suppose. For those of you who don't know, "bird" is slang for a woman in England. Like "chicks." So this company's thing was basically saying "No birds, just quality" or something along those lines. Peter explained it better, or maybe it was just the accent. In either case, it's around $25 a day to rent a nice car! How about that!

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