Day 38 - Howdy, Neighbours

Ginger Beer
It's like Ginger Ale, but more of
that lovely ginger BURN!
May 16th, 2015

I arise from my bed, feeling a little off. I write this off to a slight hangover when I notice that my throat is scratchier than usual, and the symptoms are generally different. Great, I think I may actually be sick. This would explain the fatigue of the past few days that seemed to be more impactful than usual. I was going to go to the gym with Thor, but decide it might be best to take the day off. I hate this. One day off leads to two, leads to three, leads to forever. The alternative would be to go anyway, infect other people, subpar workout, and possibly delaying the illness’ expiry. Also, it’s raining, which are the best days to stay in bed.

Instead, I eat the curry from the day before (Yum, vitamins!) and read comics. I am a 6 year old boy. Since I was hanging around and felt like talking to some people, I stop over at the neighbours for the first time and see if French Stephen is around. He’d given me free bread and said Hi a few times throughout the week. He wasn’t, but I met his roommate, French Thomas. French Gaspar came out of his room, we talked for a bit, then hung out on the front step while Gaspar smoked. He’s been here a while, lives with his Thai girlfriend, and has a great sense of humour.

The corner I pass by every day

The Fine Art of the Sharehouse
I risk going over the 6Gb bandwidth limit by downloading the most recent collection of Adventure Time episodes, and marathon those while relaxing in bed. Ricardo rocks home and rolls a joint in the kitchen. We talk while he smokes, and I discover that his english is better than I had first thought (which was already pretty good). I asked what his favourite thing to paint was when he was working, and he said it was the lacquering. “It takes a lot longer, more detail, but once it’s done… it shines like a mirror” he confessed, enjoying the quality of work that was evident when it was done right. I tell him that the only person I know of from Columbia was Sofia Vergara, and that she was discovered on the beach. He replied “well, it wasn’t going to be the library,” giving us both a hearty laugh. I gave him some of my dumplings that had been bought from Tran’s Emporium earlier in the day. We laughed more while eating, and both went to our (separate) beds.

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