Day 45 - Shaggy Shag

China Town, Across from the bus terminal (Roe Street)
May 23rd, 2015

Liz said she would help me out by printing some of my updated resumes and the fliers I had made up. She worked from 3-8, making me finalize what I wanted to put and shoot them over to her. A friend from home was having a hard time, so I put off showering after the gym to talk her through her situation. This then led to me procrastinating doing anything all day and convincing myself that showering after dark was actually much nicer. There’s this small directional light that gives some cool ambience in the washroom. Yeah, that’s not actually a real reason. I think it’s time to start finding ways to punish myself for days like today.

What an awful (hilarious) name
Australian Eloise is having people over tonight because they’re going to see Shaggy, of all people. Sure, I’ll hang out and meet some of her friend before they take off to the pseudo-Jamaican’s concert. Seriously, he doesn’t even have a Jamaican accent; he invented the voice because of his ethnic background and somehow it took off. Youtube it.

Work, eat, catch the bus, then train. I arrive at Eloise’s to find that most people have already left for the shaggy concert and that it’s her, Aussie Ally and Mickey. They, too, are going to the concert, heading off after a couple more drinks and popping a pill or two. Eloise and I listen to what she calls music, and talk about her horrendous tastes (metal (grindcore) and hardcore punk).

The concert was exceptionally short, as Ally and Mickey came back after 1.5ish hours. Ally is a little out of it at first, but Mickey was pretty on point with things. He told me about the campaigns the Australian government sometimes put out when not enough meat is being bought by people. “Are you suffering from LAMB-NESIA?!” was one he offered up, while Ally offered the more jingly “Put some pork on your fork!”

Check out those Flavors: Pasito, Lemon Squash, Kole Beer, and Ginger Beer
Still want to try that Kole beer...
After chatting for a spell, Mickey called it quits, leaving Ally with us because the plan was to go clubbing. That was the plan. Instead, we waited around for several hours waiting for Elly’s friends to make up their mind about what they were doing/actually responding, and then waited forever for a cab. This isn't to say that I didn't have fun; on the contrary, it was very entertaining. We covered a number of topics from the guys that will stupidly buy them things in hopes for something more, to sex, to drugs. Sex, drugs, rock and roll metal. I feel bad for the guys, though. 

After we reach thw heat death of the universe, a cab arrives. Around 6am, the three of us wandered Northbridge for a 24h place, settling on a Pho restaurant. My future Chinese-bound companion, Raph, has been MIA ever since he moved to Edmonton a couple months back. I finally got ahold of him on my way home at 6:30 and briefly talked to him about things before passing out at 7.

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  1. Yeah but I've never made you buy me things! That's Ally's shtick :p
    Let's catch up soon and I'll feed you stolen Milo.