Day 42 - Getting Connected

Only One
May 20th, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

It's the first day back to the Gym since being sick and it feels gooooood. I research a few things online before taking a shower, then take 40 damn minutes to finally finish my police check online. It can be a pain in the ass to not have a printer or scanner, so much so that I almost considered actually walking 15 minutes to the police station just to get it done there instead of online. I don’t, but I think about it.

Around 2, I head over to the grocery store, seeing Alex on my way out. He said he didn’t have time to drive me again, which is fine since I need to be more independent, anyway. I return an hour later, laden with some delicious groceries waiting to be cooked up. Not tonight. No, not tonight.

On the bus! Note the SmartRider pad in the center
Tonight the dinner agenda is going to Indonesian Dista’s place - the guy I met while waiting for Yuzu to finish at the library a couple weeks ago. I head out after completing some work for the startup company (EPYC) and more blog writing. Still haven’t really figured out the transit system, so I defer to google maps. I learned that the first bus, which cost $2, could have been avoided if I had just walked 10 minutes. Damn it, but that’s knowledge for next time. I bus to Maylands and wander down unlit streets until I find his place.

Dista's Awesome Shoes (Now worth 3k a pop!)
Inside, I meed Dista’s friend, Indonesian Christian, who is a more no-nonsense, cut the crap kind of guy, though a little sassy. I’m the only one that seems to notice that Dista's little cat is going freaking nuts. We sit down to a delicious traditional Indonesian meal and talk about south east asia, Particularly Indonesia and Malaysia; I know nothing about these places. I don’t think I’d ever heard anyone speak in Indonesian before, and it sounds like no other language I’ve ever heard. Youtube it.

Dista getting drinks at The Court
We finish supper, have a few drinks, and catch an Uber car to the city. This is my first experience with Uber, and it was quite nice. Basically the same as a cab, but the guy had mints, gum, gave us options for the music, and kept the place spotless. I'm sure the quality will differ from driver to driver, but this guy was mint, himself.

Upon first entering Connections
We arrive at The Court. I legit forgot my passport this time, so the practice from the night before was useful. I feign ignorance and play the silly foreigner to get in, agreeing to bring my passport the next time. There’s a (drag?) competition on tonight, though I think the emphasis is more lip syncing because both men and women are performing, though they’re all dressed as women. Any SJWs reading this, don’t jump down my throat if I just said it inappropriately, this is my first rodeo. Dista keeps buying me drinks, and tells me to ask when I want one. I say I’ll drink whatever he wants to buy, but I will not ask. I feel it’s rude, even though he is telling me to go for it. I even tell him to get me the cheapest drinks. I think he feels obliged to get me the drinks; I compromise by saying I'll have whatever he has.

Action Shot!
After the competition, the three of us dance for a while and I get a kick out seeing their reaction to my terrible dance moves. Oh yeah, baby. We move to the gay club, Connections, which is supposed to actually be gay on wednesdays (as opposed to weekends, when it's less so). I’ve never actually been to a gay club and was interested in seeing if there was really that much of a difference. Besides being a lot more of a sausage fest (go figure), it seems pretty similar. Maybe more beyonce. We dance, and generally hang out while they smoke on the rooftop patio. Then comes something I had vaguely heard about, but was not expecting…

Connections' Rooftop Patio
Lesbian. Mud. Wrestling. What! I mean, I’ve never really been into the whole “lesbian obsession” that a lot of straight guys have, but who can turn away from such a spectacle?! The wrestling itself was pretty lame, and the commenter was super catty, but that made it more memorable. I was getting fairly drunk at this point, but got a front-and-centre view, thanks to the extra foot I have over everyone. I don’t know who won the performances at The Court, but the wrestling ended in a tie, winning $50 for each of the final round girls.

With the show over, Dista decides he’s going to head home, and Christian is going with him. We say goodbye, they Uber away, and I walk the little way home. Back home, I call my sister (it’s her birthday!) while eating a badass grilled cheese.

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