Day 51 - Darker than Koko Black

My Chocolate Mousse
May 29th, 2015

I just realized it’s 5 days from my birthday. Huh. Yuzu, still sleeping on my couch, informed me that she has two share houses lined up to check out today, one of which turns out to be Laurens’ place. Strange coincidence; she ends up taking it. She returns from seeing the place, and I introduce her to Alex’s girlfriend, Manee [Mah-knee, apparently]. After discussing the differences between the 4 languages we each speak (Alex included), they excuse themselves to go on some adventure.  I help Yuzu with putting on her giant sack, which is as big as her. She leaves, which I follow shortly after to meet up with Shimou.

Back at ye olde Elephant and Wheelbarrow, reminiscent of the first time we hung out. She’s late, and buys me a drink as an apology. After a bit of sitting there, talking about various topics, we decide to migrate to a different bar/restaurant instead of hanging around in this largely empty “English Pub” (which all the english people openly detest).

I’ve heard a bit about Nando’s chicken, both good and bad. It’s notorious for some reason, making me want to check it out all the more. Like they say, no such thing as bad press. I don’t really get it, though. It’s just grilled chicken in various forms and spiciness. Nothing to write home about or hate, so.. who knows. We then go to the place next door: this massive dessert place that she seems to like. It’s so fancy it even has degustations; At first glance, my mind thought it said “disgustations.” I believe the place was called Koko Black. Super fancy desserts, they even had the back set up like some sort of jewelry showcase... for chocolate. I was a little jealous of the one she got, as mine was disappointing in comparison, though great in its own right. Don’t bother with the coffee if you go.

You guessed it: that's a sugar tube
with caramel poured down it.
We stopped at an asian food store, then caught a train to her place where she helped me set up some ads on the Chinese sites to attract pupils for tutoring and editing. The term is almost over, so maybe I can make some money by editing their final papers before time is out. She made some food, then I caught the last train home and fell asleep reading Fantastic Four. I was never into them, but happened across some by Fraction (same guy as hawkeye). Fraction and Bendis, oh man.

Like Chocolate Willy Wonka's

Look at 'em all

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