Day 44 - Drowsily Flying Solo

We're not the only ones
May 22nd, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Based on the group I had met yesterday, I decided to write up flier for tutoring english and posting them around Northbridge area. Then, the idea struck to make TWO fliers! A-ha! I’ll make one expensive, more professional looking one, and one less expensive, more casual looking one and put them around town near one another. I put my e-mail on the one and my phone on the other, going as far as putting a different name on the e-mail so that I can know exactly what they’re messaging about. My Aussie friends gave me advice on what to do, and my foreign/english student friends say what they would be willing to pay. Cool. Who knows how this will work out, but I can only see it helping my chances. Fun little experiment, let’s hope I don’t put them in stupid spaces that get them immediately torn down.

I agree, UWA
I was supposed to meet up with a friend way across town, but they were being wishy washy, so I cancelled it and made curry instead. Yes, I’m eating a lot of the Japanese stuff because it’s so damn good. Maybe I’ll write up the recipe on one of my less eventful days; it’s super easy.

Tired again for whatever reason (maybe I’m still a little sick?) I take a nap to prepare for tonight. No one wants to go out, so I’m doing it alone. I figure I will have to get used to being more independent in China, and if I end up touring the east coast alone. This is good practice. I nap, wake up a little drowsy, and am ready to head out. But wait, where the hell is my wallet? I don’t like sitting on it, so I usually take it out when I’m at home, but it’s not where I normally put it, and the rest of the stuff is. Shit. I walk through every normal place and realize that I don’t even have any cash in it, but transfer my money out of my paypass debit just in case. Yeah, after 15 minutes of looking all the obvious places, I check under my bed - just to be safe. How the hell did it end up there?

All hail
On my walk to Mustang, I come across two cops riding HORSES in the park. Now I have photographic evidence that the Aussies do it, too, whenever they start mocking Canadians for our “Mounted Police.” Mustang wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, especially since I’m sober as a houseplant.

I make a few friends upon going in, making fun of a girl for having this MASSIVE purse (half of her would fit in it) and asking how she planned to dance with that thing. I run into German Inga and people from her hostel, some of which don’t remember meeting me before. They aren’t the most welcoming, largely cutting me out. Whatever, it’s a good enough base and I only planned to be here for a half hour. I'm applying a concept that I learned from hypnosis: fractionation. Dip the toe, pull it out; half the foot, back to the toe. Two steps forward, one step back. I talk to some Taiwanese people, dance  bit, and decide that I’m good to leave because I’m sweating a lot and realize that I forgot to put deodorant on after my shower. Heh.

Actually, it went so well that I was asking myself why I let myself leave after an hour. I mean, I totally could have pushed it and made the night even MORE crazy! But alas, I was already halfway home and decided catching up on some sleep would be good. Which I totally didn’t do.

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