Day 39 - The War Continues...

This is an Accurate Representation
of Yuzu's workplace in Japan.
May 17th, 2015

Slightly more sick, I actually get up, have a shower, and head to Tran’s for some more groceries and easy-to-make food to get dat energy. It’s wartime, and an army marches on it’s stomach. The war, however, is microbial. It’s not very entertaining to witness, let me tell you.

Again, it’s raining today, but harder and more consistently than yesterday. Alex and I were hanging around the house, and I had an hour-long phone call with Rochelle about things back home. Alex was watching Breaking Bad in the seldom-used living room on the big(ish) screen, but I thought I should actually put the words down for the journal before it gets even further away from me. Consistency, bro. Do you have it? Not enough, no....

The day was also torrential downpour with a chance of no rain for 30s at a time. This means that it’s the perfect day to continue being a wimp about the sickness, which I normally don’t do. Normally I ignore it and keep doing what I’m doing, which then causes it to be dragged out for a couple weeks of low-grade, annoying symptoms. Let’s try something different.

By the Bus Terminal
It’s about today that a couple Australians have complained about the content of my blog. They say I’m painting a negative picture of the country and the people, or at least I’m not representing it accurately.  Honestly, my goal here is not to represent an entire foreign country as a diplomat from my country. If that was the case, I would be super polite all the time and not push the limits or try anything out of the ordinary. Hell, maybe they’d roll out the red carpet for me if that was my role!

Same as the last pic
But no. The goal here is to represent my EXPERIENCE accurately, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. It may show some of the weirder or less appealing sides of this particular area, but that’s what makes areas quirky and interesting. Yeah, I was tackled by a homeless man, but that was a funny story and nothing bad happened. Not really, anyway. Though, I will say, duly noted complaints. I will not play propagandist, but I will make a point to include some of the more positive experiences in my writing. Then again, most of these positive experiences are just feelings or non-events, while negative ones have definitive beginnings and endings.

In a seldom travelled back alley
The environment is generally nice here, and I like being around so many foreigners. Living in a city is good fun, and I would recommend people to try it! Also, imitating the Aussie accent is difficult, particularly the way they say "no." The most accurate spelling I have for it is "Nuao."

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  1. Accurate representations of your experience is the whole point of having a travel blog since the guide books gloss over the negative.