Day 46 - Dinner at Shimou's

May 24th, 2015

Obviously* today was a late start, waking up at 1:30pm. I was supposed to meet Shimou at 3:30 in a coffee place, but she was going to be late and pushed it back to 4. The cafe had some board games, most of which she had never seen/played before. I showed her the wondrous worlds of Battleship and Guess Who. The loser got drawn on with her eye liner. We both lost, but I was more generous to her, only putting a tiny heart by her eye instead of this big mole thing on the side of my face.

We went to a convenience store to get some Chinese-specific ingredients and then to a grocery store for some more general things because it would be cheaper. Chinese Lee, one of Shimou’s best friends here, met us there. He was cool, somewhat quiet guy, who's english was quite good. He had a slight frame, thick framed hipster glasses, and a small moustache. He also has a set of wheels and is very generous in the rides he gives to his friends. What a champ!

He was meeting us to giving a lift back to their place for dinner, which makes him even cooler in my books. He told me about how he made money by buying things in Australia and shipping them back to China, and the two told me of ways I could make money by helping students with tutoring, editing, and even just talking online to them. Definitely something to look into, and would be awesome for as long as the internet exists.

No Idea
I met her other roommates, Dennis (Russian?), Chinese Ella, and Joy. They mostly spoke Mandarin while I waited for dinner to be ready. Lee came over with his laptop and showed me this game he plays online. We took turns until the meal was ready. They laughed at my chopstick use, and kept reminding me that I had a fork. “No! I need to learn!” I kept saying. Seriously though, my chopstick use is pretty good, just not with piles of small stuff. I later found out that they were secretly taking pictures of me. They can adore me if they like; let them have their tokens. I washed the dishes while Shimou dried and put them away.

I said my farewells as I headed to catch the last train home.

*: Unless you didn't read yesterday. I was up until 7am.

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