Day 43 - Wild Horse Games

Dat Ginger
May 21st, 2015

When I was younger, I used to hate the idea of having schedules that you had to do over and over. Having to do something made it a chore, and who the hell enjoys chores? They were the chains that I tried to avoid and that has caused me to waste a lot of time. As the years have gone on, I’ve realized that consistency is the key to anything, which will require you to have some level of mundane ritualism in your daily routines. Without ritual you’ll spin your tires - progress, switch focuses, regress, repeat. With the stability that has come from the share house and having the gym nearby, I’ve got my stability on which I can base my rituals. I need to get back into the productive mindset.

Random Doll in a shop's
window on the way to
The gym I go to is on the second floor of the building, but I am still not entirely sure what the bottom is. Upon approaching the gym today, I came across a congregation of people who looked like they were just being released from a church mass. I walked through them, gathering glances as I went, sporting my bummy gym clothes, super sexy bed head, and a mountain man beard. Why look good for the gym?

Speaking of the beard, I finally shaved and am babyfaced once again. People tell me I look a lot younger, even childlike, to which I respond that they’re pedophiles for loving it so much. Tran’s Market was calling to me, as I had run out of milk and wanted to get this ginger tea that Alex had given me when sick. Ho, baby, if you like dat sweet, sweet ginger burn, this tea is for you. Super potent, sweet enough, but really cuts through your throat and nostrils. Hell, I’m drinking it for fun now that I’m no longer sick. After the past couple nights, I’m a bit worn down, which results in the ever-enjoyable nap.

Want to learn to fly? Why not get a simulation from
a man who flies using MAGIC!
No on seemed to be down for the $5 burger/beer special at Mustang (it’s thursday, people!), so I decided I would go, with or without people. French Thomas, the neighbor, said he would come, but was going later than I could afford to go. See, there was this big nerd night going on and I was itching to get my nerd on. This cafe was hosting a tabletop RPG night, which means Dungeons and Dragons. I had been put off from this game forever because it’s super daunting with all the damn rules and systems and dice, on and on and on. Lots of “ands.” A friend, Raph, said he knew how to do it, so he ran a game with us. I’m not really big on the whole “role playing” part, but to me it’s just being in an insane world with your friends where you have special powers and can do whatever you want. Hilarious.

What's cooler than being cool?
First, Mustang. I’m sitting waiting for my burger while drinking my pint, striking up conversations with this Korean dude beside me. He’s an english student and seems to just be enjoying making small talk so that he can practice speaking with a native speaker. There are several people around who I had been ignoring up to the point where he said they were all in his class with him. They invited me to sit with them. Sure! I ended up meeting ~10 people, which probably wouldn’t have happened had I not gone alone. Thomas showed up just as I had to leave to the cafe, so he took my place in their group.

The game night itself was great, and ridiculous. The cafe had so many games; places like these are popping up everywhere, and are finally cluing in that a liquor license is very complimentary. Nerds love their liquor. We play for three hours, finish the brief campaign, and thank them for having me. Then grilled cheesed off to sleep.

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