Day 36 - Caffeine Sickness and Cheap Pizza

Must Get.
May 14th, 2015

Usual song and dance with the bars and weights, I meet up once again with Aussie Pam. We talk about feminism, Australian politics, and coffee shops. My lack of sleep seems to be catching up with me, as I’m falling asleep the entire time we hang out. Even though we cafe hop, I end up having a lot of caffeine and very little water, which results in a really hard caffeine crash. She, on the other hand, is bouncing off the walls. We check out one of the cafes that had been suggested to Andy and I so long ago, “Addison and Steele.” This is the place where they have coffee testings based around themes. Totally taking that idea. Every first Thursday they have a themed tasting - we just missed the one a week before, Columbia-themed. Pam bounces to go see her parents, and I wish to take a nap.

Roxane and the Flashy van
No time for napping, however, it’s time for cheap pizza! I had yet to actually make it to this deal and Thor knew more about it than me. I literally run to Universal Bar in order to make it in time to get the cheap pint deal. $6 a pint. I’m running across town to get the privilege to pay for a pint at about the same price as back home. Wut. To make this run even more enjoyable, I had a full bladder thanks to my 7-person house only having one toilet. Occupied....

The pizza wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be. I mean, it was pizza, yeah, but the situation, I mean. $12 for a pint and a pizza, but only for the first 30 people to make it to the deal.  I figured they’d give us each one pizza, but instead it was a really long table where they kept bringing out pizzas, shared among the table. This setup was better than I had hoped, as we ended up meeting German Berti, British Lawrence, and the Canadien girls joined shortly after it began.

We ate our fill, talked about the strange physiology of kangaroos* and giraffes, and made plans to go to Kings park. Thor, Berti, Roxane, Audrey, Lawrence, and I walk to the bottle-o. Apparently adding O onto stuff is the Aussie way of shortening stuff (fuel-o, bottle-o, Steve-o). After grabbing sufficient liquor, we walk to the Old Swan Barracks (hostel) to meet up with the Germans, Inga and Katrin. As a group, we decided to drive to the park instead of walking. The Canadiens have a camper van for 3; the rest of us were with Berti.

The War Memorials
At the park, we grab the supplies out of the van and Audrey goes swimming through the van in search of cups, as we didn’t bring any with us. We brought the guitar, blanket, goon and other party supplies to the usual spot, overlooking the city. French Xavier and Pierre joined us shortly after arriving, which began the game “I’m taking a train.” You take the train from one city to another, and you have to figure out the pattern that enables you not to drink. It can be anything from a way of saying it, to the letters of the cities, to the way you’re sitting. This game went on for quite a long time, with Berti was getting increasingly frustrated. I was a little cruel at times, having figured it out relatively early, but repeating exactly what other people had said - in the correct fashion. This would, of course, bring about objections and frustration because I didn’t have to drink and they did. What a little shit.

Their Van came with Bomberman
After the game ended, we tried one suggested by Brit Lawrence: A fish - jumped in - a pond - splash. The first person says the first chunk, the second says the second, etc. It gets harder with each time it’s successfully finished, as each chunk needs to be said an additional time. Example: 3 fish, 3 fish, 3 fish, jumped in, jumped in, jumped in… etc. I think the highest we got was 7 or 8. Roxy had a particular hard time paying attention to this, which was hilarious when paired with her over-the-top reactions.

The French and Germans left, leaving the Canadians, Dutch Laurens, and Brit Lawrence. Roxane played us the three song she had learned to strum and sing on the guitar, then we shared music and talked about the medical uses for recreational drugs, and PTSD.

We were going to walk home, but the girls said they could give us a ride back because they felt bad about making us walk. Sweet! Audrey went to the washroom while the rest of us walked back to the van. I was carrying beer and the box of goon. I placed the goon on the van while waiting for Roxane to open the door. We’re all standing around the car when a police cruiser skulks around the corner, creeping toward us. We sloppily stuff all the beer we’re holding into the van, and I step forward to say hello to the officers.
Lights off
“Evening, Officers” I greet
“You guys know you can’t be drinking in the park?” One cop inquires
“We have heard that” I reply
“Well, you’ve got a box of goon on the roof of your van” states the first while the second snickers
“You are correct” I agreed
“Other cops might write you up for this, but just be on your way and we’ll call it a night”
"Thank you, Officer!"
Light's On (ft. English Lawrence)
We wait for them to take off before we fill the van past legal capacity, having Lawrence and myself stowed away on the bed in the back. I’m not one who normally gets motion sickness, but the idea kept coming about since I had been drinking and I could only stare out the back window as we drive through town. Lawrence and I talked about this and that, and I tell this joke that my dad had told a number of times when I was a kid. Something about Cannibals, Canoes and choosing your method of execution.
We arrive at Frisk, of all places, pile out of the van, and go our separate ways after agreeing to hit up Mustang the next night.

*:Look up the males, too

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