Day 34 - Drinks with Canadiens, Germans, and a Dutch Guy

Aboriginal Art from yesterday
May 12th, 2015

I awoke to a phone call from a recruiting agency for an interview the next day. Well, it’s something. That aside, it was a rather slow start for no particular reason. I kept putting off leaving for the gym, going over job applications and sorting out my RSA instead. I had got it for $20 (regular ~$45) with a scoopon, but the coupon had screwed up when it came to putting it in. That sorted, I procrastinated a little bit, then headed to the gym. The energy from my small breakfast was largely over, but an energyless workout is my punishment for procrastinating. Wooh, drained deadlifts!

More Aboriginal Art
After showering, I go through everything this interview requires. My god, they are extensive: up-to-date resume, “100 points of identification,” a reference letter, industry qualifications (RSA, in this case), bank details, tax file number, superannuation fund details (??), and money for whatever equipment I may need to purchase. Oh, and wear entirely black. Stupidly, I packed grey dress pants instead of black. Looks like I’m going to have to go shopping before I can start work with them, supposing this interview goes well.

Laurens’ new place is cheaper than mine and even closer to the gym. That bastard. He says he needs groceries, and I happen to know where the Coles is. Hm. The walk is a bit farther than I remember, and the trip overall puts us in a position to be late for meeting the Canadiens. Ah, well, here’s hoping google map’s walking times are meant for people with short legs.

We arrive at The Generous Squire in Perth only 10 minutes late (according to google, we should’ve been 20-25 (eat it, shorties)). Canadien Roxane and Audrey grab a beer while we look over the menu. Their other friends, Inga and Katrin (zee Germans), arrive shortly after. The four of them had met on the road and were pretty entertaining, though the conversation was mostly lead by Audrey, the sugar addict. We get a few plates of food to share amongst us, and cover such colourful topics as life in the bush, cultural differences, stumping each other with words of different languages (screw dutch, man), and dead animals.

Left-to-Right: Katrin, Laurens, Audrey, Roxane, Me, Inga
Yes, dead animals. Audrey is a vet tech, and Roxy is on the road to being a vet. The best story was of a family who went on vacation. They left their cat to be looked after by the vet while they were away. The cat was sick, and, unfortunately, succumbed to the illness. Being such a delicate subject, they don’t tend to break the news over the phone, but they do leave a message on the family’s machine saying that they have to talk to them. The family comes back, and decides that they will go straight to pick up dear fluffy from the vet as a big welcome home. They show up and ask for the cat to be brought out. The girl working, unaware that the family has yet to be informed, comes out with a small garbage bag containing the cat's remains. Yeesh.

Everyone was getting cold except me, and the restaurant was closing its doors for the night. It’s only 11pm, but it is a Tuesday night, after all. We talk out front, exchange Facebook details, and go our separate ways after elaborate hugs. I tell Laurens not to expect a goodnight kiss, shaking his hand instead. Time to catch up on some sleep today, seeing as I was home earlier than expected and all the walking has me beat.

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