Day 33 - Wandering Perth; Canadiens

The Big Green Thing I keep mentioning
May 11th, 2015

Back to the Gym morning ritual, though I actually threw in meditation today. It’s been a long time since I had actually sat down to do it. As I’ve told people, the hardest part of doing meditation is actually sitting down and doing it. I’ve been meaning to throw it onto the ritual of working out, but something else distracts me by the time I get home and it is forcibly shoved out of conscious thought.

Laurens and I agreed to go into town to wander. We check out a number of stores, I show him the star trek toilets, and we meet a few people. The most notable would be a Canadien girl who was trying to sell her van. Audrey was her name, and she's pretty cool. She invited us to get drinks with her friends that night, and since we happened to be free, we agreed. Didn’t buy the van, though.

Comissioned Art that FAB got at. He owns William St.
We return to the hostel because it was Laurens last day there; management had decided that they would be moving in. This meant that Thor was relieved of his assistant management duties and, thus, his room. He seems somewhat relieved to not have to deal with that situation anymore, but still had to pack and do his washing. I was going to hang around, but Audrey messaged me and said that they were moving the event to the next night. Having nothing keeping me at the hostel, I said goodbye to Thor.

Laurens/Thor appreciating
the Aboriginal Artwork
My stomach was starting to gurgle bringing to mind my barren fridge shelf. There’s a Dominos on the walk back to my place, and they have a deal for a personal sized pizza for 7 bucks. Ehh, whatever. I grab one and eat a slice as I walk back to my house. I find French Alexander in the kitchen, as usual, on his laptop/cooking something and listening to Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity.” We talk about the artist a bit, and it turns out Alex is a big fan. I only know the one song, so the conversation doesn’t extend itself very far. He seemed happy to talk about the artist, in either case.

Blog work, post, and eat half of the pizza. The night winds down, and I spend most of it reading the “Edge of the Spider-verse” story arc of Spider-man. Exhilarating, I know! Not a bad arc, btw...

Aboriginal Artwork
Side Note: My efforts to improve the community at my house, however small, seem to have worked. When I had arrived, there was no toilet paper or soap in the washroom for people to use; you had to bring your own with you whenever you went. Screw that, I left a roll in there, hoping someone would replace it once it ran out. It went missing. I replaced it with one of higher quality. That one was then swapped with the first, inferior one. My reality will prevail! When that roll ran out, I replaced it. Someone later put a second roll in. I put a one in queue. Now, a couple weeks down the line, there are some 4 rolls to choose from. Success! The soap bar has yet to be used up, but I bought a pack of 8 for $2. No worries on that.

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