Day 21 - Gym and Job Lockdown

The Simulators I now run at The Grid
Wednesday, April 29th

Today started much better than yesterday. The usual sound of traffic in the background is all that can be heard, and I begin to wonder if there are actually 7 people living in this house. Then again, my door has typically been shut either due to attempting to do work, sleeping, or changing. I spent a good 3 hours editing a few different posts, figuring out the dates of each day (stupidly didn’t date them) and correlating backlogged pictures. I received a call from The Grid (new work place) and they ask me to work on sunday (yesssss) from noon until whenever they close. Hopefully it’s 6 hours, as that’s nearly rent for another week, mother f***ers. It’s now 2:40pm and I really should have been moving a while ago.

The White Ibis
Did you know they can fly? I didn't.
“Tran’s Emporium” is this asian bulk food/grocery store just around the corner. Since most of my food had been eaten or left behind, I stopped in there to get a little something something. Strange place. Actually, something I’ve noticed around is that they don’t refrigerate eggs here as strictly as back home. I read somewhere that the reason we refrigerate them in North America is because we wash off a protective coating that eggs naturally have. I guess they don’t do that here, which (I hope) is the case of why it’s ok to leave them out.

I went to the hostel to meet up with Laurens, but he had a pretty bad headache and was bedridden for the day. I wasn’t aware that he had worked the night before, which explained why he was still in bed at ~4:30pm. The coffee roaster closed around by 5:30pm and I wanted to see if they might have a job for me after all the enthusiasm. French Max, German Daniel, and I chatted while waiting to see if Laurens would turn up; they said that the over-the-top eagerness on the part of the roaster was probably just something they do in Australia. Apparently it’s happened to both of them. We went on to talk about the more uplifting topic of losing things and having them somehow turn back up in our possession through the kindness of strangers. Apparently all three of us had, at one point or another, done similarly for strangers things ourselves. It’s nice to focus on the positive things people do, though much that focus feels less common.

Revo Gym
(I tried to get the pigeons to fly majestically)
I went to the roaster; Max was right. I did get a free coffee, however, and talk about the difference between a flat white and a latte (according to this Barista, it's just the cup size/shape). Laurens had woken up about now and said he’d meet me at his gym, which I was going to sign up at. I had a voucher for a free month, and this one was hella cheaper than the last one. Nine bucks a week, which is cheaper even than GoodLife, and it’s a 2-for-1 with the month voucher I have. We worked out at the same time, occasionally making comments to one another. Laurens keeps telling me that I’m super Canadian, which I then apologize for; in this case, it was because I was wiping down the machines after using them. The other day, it was because Ruby was going to leave some garbage in a random place and I picked it up to actually throw away. Little things.

The side of San Churro
(Art seems unrelated)
I stopped at an Indian restaurant on the way home to see how the food was, and ended up having an extremely long conversation with Australian Claire. Hella long. After that, I ended up meeting one of my housemate’s boyfriends, Brazilian Matheus. He said this is an amazing city and jobs are easy to find so long as you socialize a lot and don’t go through conventional means. He talked about how crazy (in a fun way) Brazil is, and how the area he was from, the deep south, had the best food because of all the great meat that came from Argentina (See Liz, I know where it is now!) He excused himself to finish a movie he was watching with his German girlfriend (the actual housemate) and said that we should have a great time while I’m living in this house. Awesome!

Side note: The word "Wednesday" is often confusing for non-English speakers. Why the hell do we say "Whens-day"? No one says "Wed-nez-day!"

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