Day 30 - Goodbye, Yuzu!

May 8th, 2015

Boo. Today is the day that Yuzu is leaving town. Sure it’s only 2.5 hours away, but I don’t even have money to go there and back. I’m happy that she got a job on a farm, like she wanted, but it still sucks. The deal is only for a week, though, so I’m not entirely sure what she’s going to do during that week, or even after it. Because I want to meet up with her and it’s a half hour walk away, I get up an hour earlier, head to the gym, shower, and head out.

Walking through a city is funny, particularly when it’s not your country. I play a game of seeing if I can recognize their accents from the brief clips you get. Sometimes you heard something interesting that you wish you could follow up on, and other times you get something as inane as “The festival was really festive” - I literally heard that on my way to the bus station.

We have a little trouble finding each other because I have no idea where to go from the corner, and she can’t go down stairs because her pack is too heavy (hah). We do that awkward “call and direct” thing, made all the more awkward by her nonfluency in english. The bus station is quiet, aside from the occasional traveller and the sound of busses occasionally arriving and departing. I catch another break on cheap coffee milk (1.50, mothaaas). We share one while waiting for her bus, and I try to teach her that finger/hand game “chopsticks.” I don’t actually know the rules, I realize, so it kind of falls apart, but she found that pretty funny.

As she was getting on the bus, I said “well, this is the last time you’ll ever see me” which caused her to freak out a little until it was revealed that I was just joking. She still can’t tell when I’m not serious, understandably. I help her with her bags and give her a hug goodbye. After she got on the bus, I left the station and wandered back toward my house. There was a lot of street art I hadn’t seen around, this one particular parking lot had lots of interesting pieces. An old man who was parking and saw me taking pictures told me where to find more and the name of the artist named “Stormy Mills.” He also told me that Stormy had done some art in Northbridge, but the police thought it was ‘graffiti’ (kind of blurry lines here, guys) and they painted over it.

I made it back home, ate, did a bit of work for a couple hours, then took a nap. I was supposed to go out tonight with this Indonesian guy, Dista, I met, but everyone else bailed and I wasn’t really feeling it. Sitting at home in silence after taking a nap doesn’t make the club very appealing. Instead, I spent a few more hours polishing my resume and working out a few different catered cover letters for various jobs. I applied for a couple, and decided I had done enough work for the day around 1. I’m no longer reading Daredevil because the writing really started going downhill after Bendis was taken off the character. Instead, I’ve moved to the Iron Fist, also by Bendis. That guy hits it out of the park with characters I don’t even like!

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