Day 19 - Anzac Day; Kings Park Take 2

100 Day Anzac (Aus Rememberance Day)
April 27th, 2015

I awoke to find most of the beds empty of their occupants at 10am. Cassie and Vincent were packing up their stuff, having let it reach a state of entropy over the several weeks they had been there. My stuff was still pretty packed up since the private room in anticipation for moving out. Yuzu said she would be coming to the hostel to see me off, despite having moved out a couple days before. What a sweetheart! She will be very hard to say goodbye to when the time comes, which I’m trying not to think about, but keeps creeping back in.

At Wooly's
I ate breakfast with a hung over Brit Ruby and less hung over Brit Rhys when Yuzu had arrived. Someone informed me that she was waiting in the front area. Shortly after fetching her, Bram came around to deliver on his promise of driving me to my new place. Quite generous and very gladly received!

The new place is nice; quiet, and away from people. I am a social person, but I describe myself to be just a little to the extroverted side of the intro-extro spectrum. It’s nice to sit and have relative silence, street traffic aside. The room is cool and dark; a dresser, a real bed and pillow, a desk, and a rack for clothes to be hung all sit comfortably on the cherry, hardwood floor. I’m in a great position, being right across from the kitchen means I’m likely to be able to see most of my house mates at one time or another. At the time of writing, I’ve only met one guy, French Alexander, and his girlfriend (Korean.. Manny?) who didn’t appear to like me from the instant she saw me. He seems cool.

Making Poppies for Anzac Day
(They get stuck in the sign
from the first picture)
Yuzu said she was going to Woolworths, and was going to take off when I got the ride over. I said I’d tag along, as I intended to come back and grab some of the food I had left at the hostel. We walked to Woolworths, which is ~20min from the hostel, and I taught her more english as we walk. It’s a great dynamic, as I enjoy teaching and she is a quick learner who wants to learn what I know enough about. I taught her the word “suck” as in “this sucks.” The example phrase was “this sandwich sucks” which was hilarious to hear her say, though (unfortunately) she refused to let me record. It came in handy shortly after when we came across water bottles.

She wanted to buy a bottle, but the big 1.5L ones were too big and heavy for her to carry with her pack. The smaller ones, normal water bottle sized, were $1.08, while the large ones were $0.80. I offered to buy the large one, let her drink her fill, and keep the rest, but she wanted a bottle for after. “That sucks” I said, about the situation in general, which seemed to make it click for her. There were lots of sandwiches set for clearance at 2.95 a piece, so I bought as many as I could carry (super cheap for Perth eating). That didn't suck.

So nice
We ate while watching a Japanese street performer doing contact juggling while trying to explain what puns were and how they work (difficult, but she’s willing to try the harder concepts). There were some events going on for ANZAC day (Aus Remembrance Day (Australian-New Zealand Army Corps)). After watching the band, we made some poppies and stuck them in the 100 year anniversary sign. Back at her hostel; Yuzu moved there because she couldn’t renew at City and Surf due to leaving it too late. She had been looking for short term housing, which she was now moving to. I helped carry some of her stuff to the bus stop, which was a 10 minute walk way, and hugged her goodbye when the bus came. She told me I was very kind and appreciated the help. I walked home to take a nap until Andy showed up at the hostel from his trip to Exmouth (which looked awesome, btw).

Chasing the Dragon
I walked over to the hostel, receiving a message from Ruby that they were heading to Kings park to see the cityscape at night. Dutch Thor (Laurens), British Ruby, Andy, and I stopped at the Bottle-O (liquor store/bottle shop) to pick up a 4L of Goon and headed to meet Reese & co at the park. They passed us on our way there, saying they would get more liquor from the store and rendez-vous. Laurens knew the way and told me a few things about Holland, as I know very, very little about it. Honestly, I’m not even sure I could point it out on a map with any certainty.

Waiting for the Bus
We arrived at the park and took a few pictures before busting out the sack of cheap wine. The pouch was passed around, each of us taking turns drinking from the spout. We were not forward thinking in the cups department. Rhys, Finnish Mimi, and British Barney, on the other hand, came with the right tool for the job. Cups. The tool was cups.

We started playing bullshit, but that quickly fell apart and we ended up just talking. Yet another sloppy night. Most of us didn’t think to bring jackets, including Andy. I lent him mind, playing the Canadian, and would occasionally sprint around the area to keep warm until Laurens lent me his sweater. We ended up having a fairly deep, emphatic discussion until something prompted us to go home. Maybe it was the time, as I think it was around 2:30 or 3am. I have no idea what happened to the others, but it wound up being me, Andy, and Thor. I kept stopping at trash cans in an attempt to force myself to throw up, drunkenly thinking this would ease the hangover in the morning. I kept failing, however, and we eventually stumbled into Maccas. McDonalds: The drunk man’s oasis.

Perth from Kings park (mostly swan river)
Earlier, Laurens had asked me why I had moved out of the hostel (he’s assistant manager, as it turned out) and I gave him an answer that was more palatable and superficial than the truth. Being drunk, I told him the real reasons based on the rumours I had heard and the logic that followed from it. Also, the desire for privacy. He dispelled a few rumours, which I don’t feel entitled to divulge here at this time, unfortunately. Sorry, reader, you will have to ask me if you want to know. Sorry future self, you may have to explain this quite a few times...

We parted ways and I staggered the rest of the way home. I don’t remember much of being at home, but I drank a little water and put some next to me, but not nearly enough as it would turn out…

The Good Shot
(I don't care that it doesn't fit)

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