Day 29 - Deadlifts, Coffee, and Beer

May 7th, 2015

Today started by me helping English Rhys with his deadlift form. We have a more extended conversation about social dynamics and psychology. Head home, blah, shower, blah.

I am meeting up with a friend, Aussie Pamela at Dome. We talk about all sorts of stuff, but I talk a bit more than I probably should (not unusual for me, boo). She’s a chef, so we discuss cooking and the difference between coffee here and back home, as well as how a cappuccino, flat white, and latte are all quite similar here. Well, so it seems. Yet, people will still send them back if it’s not exactly what they envisioned. The biggest difference between a latte and a flat white appears to be the cups. Flat white gets a ceramic sort of tea cup, and a latte gets a taller glass. Whoopdidoo.

There’s this deal at Mustang, I think I mentioned it before, where you get a pint and a burger for $5. I’m determined to actually get it this time and drag her with me to enjoy the cheap deal. Catch: we’re a half hour before it starts. She says there’s a really good gin bar nearby, and she’s partial to gin. I never really got into it, but after the drinks at this place, it could be fighting for #1 spirit. Sorry, Steve, it’s still not Whiskey. The burger was surprisingly good for the price; the beer.. well, macro beer is macro beer. 

Working in the service industry, namely restaurants as a chef, means long hours most days of the week. Given that, she has double booked toady and jets off to meet an old friend back in Freyo. I return a la maison.

I grab a few beers and head over to the hostel to meet up with Rhys and Laurens. As I’m arriving, I spot Aus Peter in the parking lot doing something on the trunk of his car. He invites me to grab a coffee with him and Aus Dean. Sure, why not? We walk over to the McDonalds, and Pete treats the eats (drinks didn’t rhyme). They impart more of their wisdom about women to me and talk about some of the history of Australia and Perth. Apparently, there was an area where they wouldn’t allow black people to enter. Black and in this area? Hello handcuffs! This was only 30 years ago, according to them, which sounds a bit too recent.. but hey, what do I know? I think they said Sammy Davis Jr. was one of the black celebrities who had been one of the more notable arrests.

I head back to the hostel with the gents. I seek out Laurens, who declines any beer due to his medication, but Rhys appears and accepts the offer. We shoot the shit, drink a few beers, talk about movies, guy stuff. Laurens turns in when Rhys and I go to back to McDonalds because we’re both starving. We talk a bit more back at the hostel until 1 when I make my excuses and walk hoe.

Sad, but good, news: Yuzu got a job on a farm! …but it’s 2.5 hours away by bus. Damn it. She says she’ll be shipping out the next day around 1:30. I set my alarm earlier so that I can fit in the gym before meeting her at the bus station, then crash.

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