Day 32 - Mother's day, ft Bali

May 10th, 2015

First off - Happy Day to all you Mothers out there! Especially Mine!

My day, on the other hand, was anything but happy. It was a lot of pain and a little bit of yelling into my porcelain friend. Hey, at least I caught up on some sleep. I finally dragged myself into mobility by 5pm and did some work. Last night was not worth this. Not at all.
I spoke with French Alexander a bit about this and that. We ate together, and I watched him consume quite a bit of food. It seems like every guy around me has trouble keeping weight on. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard lately, so we’ll see what shakes out from that. Not today though. N-not... today....

I manage to do some more work after taking it slow and eating some of the leftover Japanese Curry I had made the day before. Very good recovery food, by the way. I edit posts, some boring stuff you don’t want to hear about, and called my mom for mothers day. We talk for a couple hours and I get to see the stray cat they’ve been taking care of. What a weirdo, that cat.

More work, then comics. Yeah, there’s not much for you here today, so here are a story and some picture Nicole sent me of Bali:
[Everything is always late here.] On my last day in Bali, I [had] booking a shuttle to the airport the day before and it was to late. Like I said; this wasn't something new. [Despite expecting it to be late,] after 40 minutes of waiting, [I was getting angry] (of course I'm German, that's enough reason. I hate waiting for stuff). Then [this] guy appeared, want[ing] to bring me to the bus (the driver forgot my pick-up location). So we're driving on the highway and there he stops the car. [Right on the highway.] [This is] exactly Where we waited for the bus. Sure, on the middle of a highway, why not?!
He is calling the bus, again [and again, but still] nothing happens. We're still waiting. Then, [finally,] two buses arrive, stopping on the highway. [It seems like] the whole world is stops when I'm traveling. It was hilarious.
Nicole is on the Right

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