Day 31 - Work hard; Party Hard

Just a parked car
May 9th, 2015

Usual routine progresses: Wake at 10:45, eat, gym at noon after doing a little work. Return, shower, then into the scheduled unknown. Today I did a lot of work, whittling down the resume a bit more, refining it and targeting it more, applying to lots of jobs, writing and editing blog posts, and finally getting my stupid RSA (Aus Smart Serve). Since we didn’t go out last night and tonight is Rhys’ last night before he heads to Bali (and may not be back to Perth), it’s going to be a bigger night. I work until around 7:30 when I realize I have very little time to drink a lot of beer. 

Drinking at the Hostel
I throw back 5 in 45 minutes and head on over with 2 more. I had eaten relatively recently, so it was slower to process than expected. They were drinking Goon, which they allowed me to partake in after the 2 roadies were struck down in their prime. After that, there’s no real keeping track. Cup after cup of cheap wine. The French were drinking as well, so I got to bust out my terrible french and learn a bit here and there. Oh, hey, I met my first Canadian since arriving here, but she was Quebecois and didn’t speak much English.

The plan was to go to Geisha, a sweet looking dance club.. but it was $15 cover (entry/entrance fee, whatever). Seriously, no one knew what I meant when I said “cover.” I opted to not do that one, but rallied everyone to get moving because it was nearing midnight. I guess the Europeans are used to going even later - and here I thought I was a night owl. More than one of the clubs here stays open until 5am!

French Maxime, English Rhys, English Lee,
and (I think) French Walerian
Rhys and a couple others decide to hit up Geisha anyway, but me, French Walerian [Va-lair-E-an], French Maxime, and Dutch Mark head over to Paramount. It has no cover, so that works for me - I’m definitely not drinking any more at this point. We arrive at the club after talking with a number of random people on the street.. making.. "friends".. I think. We get rejected at the door because we’re too drunk (I've been instructed not to tell too many people of this fact, but here it is anyway). I think both me and Walerian got turned away, leading us to go across the street to get food from a Shwarma place.

Live Music Everywhere!
Honestly, I was quite overboard tonight - more than intended. I remember eating something, and trying again. This time, they made me do a yoga pose for balance. Suckers! I have great balance, even when drunk! I pass, and we get in. The place is mediocre, good enough for some dancing. The music was lacking, and it was full of weird dudes and unattractive women. I guess that’s what the free club attracts…

By my estimate, 2:30 or so rolls around and I had lost my friends after going to the washroom. Screw this, I’m out. Irish goodbye that place and walk on home. I don’t remember going to bed, but everything was where it should be in the morning.

Hindsight Omniscience: Walerian had been kicked out for being too drunk, Maxime went with him, and I think Mark ran into some Dutch friends of his.

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